The garden in December - there is always something to do

The garden in December - there is always something to do

There's something to do the whole garden year, including in December. According to the garden calendar, turf, trees and beds now get the finishing touches.

Kale and Brussels sprouts harvest

There's still plenty to harvest in winter and december, because some types of vegetables thrive best in cold weather, others should be exposed to frost even before harvesting.

  • Harvest kale after the first stronger frosts.
  • Harvest whole crop in low-growing kale crops.
  • In high growing crops, gradually harvest the leaves from the base.
  • Harvest Brussels sprouts from bottom to top, which prolongs the harvesting period.
  • Harvest varieties for autumn and winter harvest several times.

Plant or transplant roses

As long as the soil is frost-free or not fully frozen, roses can be planted and also in December.

  • Plant bare roses, as long as the soil is not completely frozen through.
  • Plant container roses when free from frost.
  • Temperatu
  • Before planting rootballs, put them in water for some time.
  • Protect from winter sun after planting with sprigs of pine trees.

Gardening Tips for Wood Care in Winter

Wood care can also be applied in December still done. This is important to protect the woody plants from disease and pests.

  • Remove curled leaves and fruit mummies left on the shrubbery.
  • Apply a lime coating to young trees to protect them from pest infestation and frost cracks.
  • Mounts Check for firm hold on shrubs.
  • Support thicker branches to prevent snow break.
  • If necessary, attach crabs to the trees against game attack.
  • Now cut pear, apple or quince without causing major cuts.
  • Milder Convert the weather to currants or Jostabeeren.
  • Plant trees as long as the soil is frost-free.
  • Put horn shavings in the plant hole and cut roots before planting.

Prepare beds for spring

Even if the garden is now apparent In winter hibernation, a certain amount of care is required even in December.

  • Foliage on perennials and flowerbeds and under B
  • Remove foliage in rockeries, on lawns and rose beds.
  • Distribute compost on the beds on frost-free days.
  • Roughly dig beds for their cultivation next year.
  • Planted beds for protection
  • This is to protect the plants from icy winds and frosts.
  • Protect cold frames with foil or dry leaves from too much freezing.

Working in the ornamental garden

Also in the ornamental garden A lot has to be done to ensure that the plants survive the winter without damage, with some plants now even blooming, such as winter jasmine or witch hazel.

  • Watering evergreen trees and Christmas roses on frost-free days.
  • Boxwood and rhododendron with fleece in front Protect against freezing.
  • Cut back on blooming shrubs.
  • Bind grasses together to protect the heart from frost damage, cold and wet.
  • Now plug in
  • Store plywood until spring.

The greenhouse in December

The soil in the greenhouse leaches out strongly during a culture period. In order not to have to replace it completely every year, nutrients must be re-supplied in winter.

  • Provide soil in the greenhouse with natural fertilizer.
  • Provide sufficient ventilation and moisture.
  • Insulate heated greenhouses with bubble wrap or the like.
  • Adjust the pouring rate to the lower temperatures
  • Plant spring blooms even now

If you are a bit late, you can still plant different spring blooms in December. However, planting should always be done on frost-free days, or as long as the soil is frost-free.

Plant spring blooms in the greenhouse in December.

  • Plant tulips, daffodils and hyacinths in sunny to partially shaded spots with the tips upwards.
  • Put onions about ten centimeters deep into the ground.
  • Crocuses and freesia can still be planted in December, about five centimeters deep.
  • Planting Iris and Puschkinia.
  • Planting winterling, bluestar, snowdrops and snowflakes.
  • Gardening is also noticed in December

There is also work in the garden in December, and some flowers show their flowers here as well. One should not forget the wildlife and set up feeding grounds for birds, for example.

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