The Garden in December: Natural Decoration in Advent

The Garden in December: Natural Decoration in Advent

Life now usually takes place in the house. Reason enough to bring fresh green for the Christmas decoration. There is still work to be done in the garden.

In the great outdoors you can find all the splendor that makes for an atmospheric, fragrant Christmas ornaments: leaves, twigs, ivy, moss, cones, nuts, berries in all colors - who likes wreaths or arrangements, now has the free range and can realize his craft ideas. Even with a few simple branches and a candle as the center can be conjured up with little effort a tasteful table decoration. The branches of evergreen ornamental shrubs with colorful foliage in combination with fir branches are particularly beautiful.

Colorful potted plants with winter-hardy plants enrich the garden as a small splash of color. For example, mint berries, skimmies, dwarf spindles, grasses and Christmas roses are suitable, some of which will start to flower in December. All these plants are perennial and can be planted the following year.

There's always something to do out there

Unless the frost has struck yet, there is now one last chance to protect sensitive plants with winter protection and to retrieve potted plants , In mild weather it is advisable to water evergreen plants with lukewarm water.

Bird feeders should be protected against moisture. Otherwise, the grains quickly start to mold and can harm the animals. Best to feed only as much as the birds consume in one day. Also, the house should be checked and cleaned regularly. Special feeders are easier to care for: the food does not get wet in it, and no feces can fall into it.

Gardeners with their own pond make them winterproof at the latest. If fish or other animals live in it, an ice-free zone of sufficient size must be present. There are commercially available heaters, oxygen and Freihalterpumpen. The remaining pond technology, such as underwater light or filters, must be completely emptied and stored. Unless there is an outlet for the water and the equipment is frost resistant. Important: Free the ice-free area from leaves and parts of plants daily. These deplete the water of too much oxygen when the rotting process begins.

If there is a lot of snow, it is advisable to turn off evergreen shrubs and trees with a broom or simply to shake off. If the load becomes too heavy, the branches can break off. As little as possible enter the lawn in frost and snow; but be careful to remove the foliage regularly so that enough light reaches the grass.

If the temperatures remain mild, the harvest of winter vegetables such as kale, Brussels sprouts, celery or spring onions is possible until January : what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in our price radar around the topic of winter service.

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