The garage - comfortable parking space with numerous design options

The garage - comfortable parking space with numerous design options

There is a large choice of car parking spaces. Here, builders will find a first overview of the most important criteria and properties on the subject of garage and accessories.

In addition to the own four walls, the parking space for the car is an important item in the construction of a house or a renovation. The protection of the car from the effects of the weather, such as rain, snow or hail, is usually at the forefront of the considerations. A storage room with solid walls such as the garage has considerable advantages over open systems.

Carport or garage - the most important information at a glance

Carport and garage protect the car from rain, snow or hail around the clock. A carport is a system open to at least one side with a protective roof. He does not need a solid foundation and usually only a simple building permit. Also, the lightweight construction of wood or aluminum are extremely inexpensive to purchase and easy to use. Skilfully crafted homeowners succeed in building this weather protection within a short time. However, the carport offers little protection against wind, frost or theft. Timber structures also regularly require a protective coating with wood stain to ensure durability and prevent weathering due to dampness.

The garage, a self-contained space with a lockable door, provides effective theft protection and keeps the car frost-free even in sub-zero temperatures. The space in this parking space is so large that even garden tools, tires or bicycles can easily find space in it. This saves storage space in the basement or tool shed. From an insurance point of view, garage cars often score lower than cars that are outdoors. However, garages are heavier than carports and require a concrete foundation for a secure footing. In addition, the legislator currently (as of 2014) usually provides an additional driveway of at least three meters in length between the public thoroughfare and the garage to prevent traffic jams due to the parked car To avoid opening and closing the garage door.

Stone, wood or metal - various building materials for the garage

If the decision to choose a parking space on the garage has been made, the question arises as to the appropriate type of construction. In addition to massive garages made of stone or reinforced concrete, there are also low-cost models made of metal or wood on the market. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden garages - naturally versatile

Wooden garages are made of the renewable raw material wood. It naturally has good insulation properties and can be worked with little effort. It is also durable and robust. A wooden garage only needs a simple concrete floor slab. Alternatively, a flat paved underground is sufficient. A solid foundation is not required due to the low weight of this form of garage. Wooden garages are available as a DIY kit or as prefabricated garages. They are cheaper than garages made of stone or reinforced concrete. In addition, they are quickly assembled or dismantled as needed. This has significant advantages when moving or relocating the garage. Wood is also very flexible. Thus, the tailor-made design of size and design in these garages is very easy. Thanks to regular wood protection, these garage systems are durable and convince for decades with their naturally beautiful appearance.

The metal garage - a flexible all-rounder for a small budget

Metal garages are a particularly cost-effective variant. Depending on the system, the frame construction is equipped with profiled or smooth steel or aluminum plates. A decorative plaster on the outside allows a flexible adaptation of the garage to the design of the residential building. Metal garages are modular. This means that they can be extended or reduced in any way. A single garage becomes a spacious double garage if required and vice versa. In addition, metal garages are lighter than masonry products. As a result, just like the wooden garages, they only need a simple base plate made of concrete as a base. Another advantage of a garage made of steel or aluminum is its good ventilation. A wet car dries quickly and reduces damage caused by waterlogging and corrosion on the vehicle.

However, these garage systems have a slightly lower insulation against heat and cold. As a result, the vehicle is subject to greater fluctuations in temperature than in a storage room made of solid stone or reinforced concrete.

Concrete and reinforced concrete garages with high load-bearing capacity

A concrete garage is commercially available as a prefabricated garage. A particularly high load-bearing capacity has products made of reinforced concrete. This is especially important when the roof of the garage is used as a living room or terrace. The delivery of this type of garage is usually in two parts. A low loader transports the bottom plate and the cast concrete housing. Depending on the location of the garage, a special crane is required for exact placement. This is reflected in higher acquisition costs. However, homeowners save the cost of regular weather protection, because concrete garnish only needs a new coat of paint every 8 - 10 years, while wood garages need a new seal with wood preservatives every year. The service life of a garage made of concrete and reinforced concrete is significantly higher than that of metal or wood variants. However, concrete tends to so-called settlements in walls and ceiling. Often, older refurbished concrete garages require extensive remedial measures. Otherwise untreated cracks penetrate water into the building material. This contact with water damages the substance sustainably. Reinforced concrete also corrodes when exposed to water and becomes brittle. This has a negative impact on the load capacity and the statics of the garage. In the worst case, there is a risk of collapse and the garage must be demolished.

Ventilation is also problematic in a concrete garage, because a concrete garage is almost airtight with the door closed. When setting wet cars, condensation forms on the walls and ceiling. An unhealthy humid climate arises. If the garage is also a storage room, this climate can strongly favor mold growth.

Masonry Garages for Integration into Residential Buildings

A masonry brick garage is suitable for adding the parking space for the car of the desired size to the living space integrate. This provides space for an extra workbench or storage room in the garage. The connection to the in-house heating system and the installation of water and electricity supply are possible with little effort. These garages also fit in with the architecture of the house and have very good insulation properties.

However, masonry garages are a lot more expensive than other systems due to their elaborate planning and construction. Therefore, this variant is especially popular with new buildings, where the garage is part of the construction of the house and garden right from the beginning.

Space saving or classic - all about garage door

The garage door is the movable element of the car storage room , It is lockable and at the same time therefore constitutes theft protection. In addition to double doors and roller shutters, two door types have become established on the market: the hinged or folding door and the sectional door.

The garage models at a glance

The tilting or swinging door is the Classic among garage doors and in 2014 still up to date. It is suitable for individual garage types as well as for a row garage. Lever arms and tension springs lift the door under the garage ceiling with little effort. Even the release succeeds in this way effortlessly. The garage door itself usually consists of stamped sheet steel and is one of the cheapest types of garage door in terms of manufacture, installation and durability. An electric drive can also be retrofitted without any problems. Information can be obtained by contacting the specialist.

Garage doors with hinged doors are often used in conjunction with metal or wood garages. They are much less common today than tilting gates, as they require a lot of space laterally when opened. However, it is possible to build the doors very heavy and massive, which significantly increases the safety of the garage. In the case of large garages, the doors may be very heavy and require support through a separate electric door drive for convenient opening and closing.

A roller shutter works much like a roller shutter. The gate consists of individual plastic or aluminum fins. When opening, she winds up an electric motor under the garage ceiling. Roller shutters do not require extra space for opening and closing. However, commercial garages for homeowners are usually too low to accommodate the electric reeling mechanism. For this reason, roller shutters are usually used in companies and workshops or in parking garages and underground garages.

Sectional doors are a further development of the roller shutter door. Unlike the roll-up door, they are also suitable for private garages, as here a rail system with tension springs pulls the door, which consists of several individual parts or sections, upwards under the ceiling. It needs to open and close as well as the roller door no additional space in front of the garage. An electric drive is also possible with this concept.

Open sesame - garages with electric door drive

An electric garage door drive offers particularly high operating comfort for garage doors. By means of a radio remote control, the door opens and closes automatically if desired. The driver remains comfortable while sitting in the car. The electric drive is mounted directly on the purchase of the new garage. In the meantime, there are also easily assembled retrofit kits for mechanically operated swing doors as well as swing, roll and sectional doors. Solar-powered door drives are particularly energy-efficient. The required electricity comes directly from a solar system on the garage roof - around the clock.

Green thumb on the garage roof

Garage roofs generally offer a great deal of scope for individual design. Especially stable prefabricated garages made of concrete or masonry variants can easily be converted into roof terraces or additional living space. A particularly unusual idea is the roof greening. A so-called green roof on the garage forms there with grasses, mosses and other green and flowering plants a small biotope with many environmental and financial benefits. The roof greening improves the climate, binds dust and pollutants from the air and extends the habitat of many plant and animal species. In addition, there are savings in the roof renovation and the energy costs, as the greening protects the waterproofing of the garage roof and the garage excellent insulated from above. In addition, the green roof becomes more and more attractive over the years and represents a special ornament of the outdoor facilities.

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