The futon bed - versatile yet simple

The futon bed - versatile yet simple

Sleep better in Japanese. The futon bed offers sleeping space, sofa replacement and optimal combinability.

The futon comes from Japan and refers to nothing more than a mattress that is combined with a mat and some blankets. It can be conveniently rolled up and stowed away. In this way, the bed overall fits very well with the functional design of the Asian interior as well as the limited space available there. For the western world, however, a low bed frame for the futon mat has been developed to meet their requirements for a comfortable, sturdy sleeping accommodation.

Different Types of Futon Beds

Futon is not the same as futon: There are now various types for every need : Bed frames for a double and single mattresses, matching soft and breathable pads, some of new wool or horsehair. Also foam mattresses are available. The frames are mostly made of wood, natural or lacquered, often favoring an Asian design.

Not only the quality of the futon plays a role in the selection. The design must also be right. There are simple Asian-style beds in black and white. Other models have romantic embellishments or become a cozy reclining and seating furniture with numerous cushions. In general, a futon is at least 140, maximum 200 centimeters wide.

Futon Advantages and Disadvantages

Due to the low construction, futons fit very well under roof pitches. Especially in youth rooms or one-room apartments offers such a bed as a practical seating opportunity. A low coffee table in front of it makes it multifunctional usable. In addition, there is a health aspect: The mattresses are usually not very high and relatively hard, because they are supported directly from the slatted frame. Anyone who quickly gets a back pain with soft mattresses is well advised to use a futon bed.

One joy is another's pain: for example, those who have problems with their joints may find it difficult to get up from the low lying area. Even people who like it rather opulent in terms of their decor, are hardly happy with the rather spartan-looking furniture. Those who already suffer from back problems should first clarify whether it is healthy for him to lie on a hard mattress. Probeliegen has proven itself here.

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