The front door - business card from the house

The front door - business card from the house

The front door has been THE portal for centuries

How to Make Your Entrance Stylish

Since the beginning of the entrances, the purpose has clearly changed: In the beginning they still had the main task, unwanted guests, humans and animals, access to deny the building and to show the gladly seen guests the way into their interior. Already then, it was known that the appearance of doors played an important role in addition to their stable appearance, because a door made of solid heavy wooden parts or even a steel door was often a hint enough for unwanted visitors to avoid this place.

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With the years, the dangers decreased by the direct house entrance threatened and so its image changed more to a welcoming element. In addition, front doors became more and more a part of the outer building style, which should underline the respective design language. In the meantime, entrance doors are individually designed in such a way that they contribute decisively to the style of the house and are often even THE hallmark.

In addition to the choice of material, e.g. classic construction of solid wood or the now established design made of high-quality plastic, also the design of the door as such decisive: There are single or multi-colored door wings with a small or large glass insert, with several or completely without. The shapes of the glass inserts or the attached or subdividing elements can be puristic, without frills, or with modern linear divisions or contain curved elements that can emphasize a playful to romantic overall style of the house. The type of glass can also significantly change the expression of the portal.
House doors are very impressive and inviting when they are flanked by one or two side panels or even have a skylight. In addition to the visual enhancement of the entrance, glazed side panels and skylights also provide daylight for the interior entrance area.

From every angle, entrance doors are certainly one of the most important stylistic elements of a home, and by the same token, more than do justice to the original purpose of security .

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