The elixir of life for the green: When is the irrigation technique worthwhile?

The elixir of life for the green: When is the irrigation technique worthwhile?

There are different ways to distribute the water evenly in the garden.

Sprinklers distribute water evenly

Grass and garden sprinklers are the most common way of distributing water in the garden. There is a diverse selection of different variants. The deciding factor is the size of the area to be covered. In terms of pricing, there are models from under ten euros up to several hundred euros.

A clear advantage of this type of garden irrigation is a uniform distribution of water with little effort at the same time. Cheap copies cost about ten euros, which also speaks for this technique.

Disadvantageous proves to be a partly more difficult device. It should be taken into account that the devices need a storage space in winter. Another disadvantage is the risk of tripping, which must be considered.

Different lawn sprinkler models

The impulse sprinkler is suitable for surfaces over 200 square meters. It works functionally with a nozzle and has a long range. The surface irrigation is done by smashing the water jet through a jet separator. The disadvantage is the high noise when blasting and there is a partially irregular distribution of water.

The square sprinkler is recommended for medium-sized areas from 25 square meters. The name quadrilaterals comes from the fact that the sprinkler is ideally suited for rectangular areas. The spray jet from several nozzle openings on the spray tube, which move alternately in a tilting mechanism from one to the other side. Depending on the position and setting of the spray intensity, the square sprinkler is also suitable for irrigating larger plants in addition to lawn irrigation.

The circular sprinkler is ideal for small areas. This model sprays the water in a small radius just above the ground surface. Inexpensive models often do not achieve a 360 degree spray angle and must be turned during use.

Pop-up sprinklers are less visually striking than the other models. These sprinklers are usually part of a complete irrigation system of larger parks or gardens. When used, the sprinkler goes out and works like a circular sprinkler. The remainder of the time, the pop-up sprinkler is sunk below the turf surface and does not disturb the look of the garden.

A wide range of different sprinkler models can be found at Gardena.

An Irrigation Computer is Very Convenient

An irrigation computer is a handy irrigation technique for those who have little time. The clear advantage is that the system automatically starts at the times previously entered. By individual programming, the time and interval of irrigation is set.

Installation is easy. Irrigation computers come between the water connection and the hose of the lawn sprinkler. Depending on the model, it is possible to connect multiple sprinklers.

Most models operate on battery power. Battery life normally lasts longer than one season. A rain sensor is a handy addition. As a result, the system only switches on when the weather is appropriate.

Priced are simple models between ten and 50 euros, the rain sensor at around 30 euros. Luxury finishes with LCD displays and various irrigation zones cost over one hundred euros and more.

The irrigation system especially for beds

Especially for the irrigation of beds there are bed irrigation sets. These sets consist of various parts for watering plant pots, potted plants and pot irrigation,

Most sets can be individually and flexibly laid. The disadvantage is the time-consuming mating before commissioning. These irrigation systems lie between the costs in the higher price segment between 100 and 200 euros. A good supplier is the company Regenmeister.

Systems for irrigation in the greenhouse and in agriculture

The multifunction sprinkler is characterized by the fact that it contains different spray patterns. Through different nozzles and settings, a fine spray is just as possible as a solid water jet. Thus, this irrigation system is suitable for irrigating lawns and plants as well as for use in a greenhouse.

Rain cannons belong to the irrigation machines and are not designed for the home garden. This type of water distribution is used in agriculture and horticulture. The principle is based on water ejection through water pressure.

Hose irrigation is still a common garden irrigation model. This way of distributing the water in the garden is inexpensive and can be flexible in terms of time when needed. No complicated adjustments are required and after the irrigation has finished, the hose can be stowed away.

Irrigation systems save a great deal of time

No matter which irrigation system is used for the garden, they all have one thing in common: a great time savings the elaborate watering with the watering can or the garden hose.