The effect of wall paints on a room

The effect of wall paints on a room

It's not just furniture and decoration that influences how well you feel in a room. Wall paints also have a great effect.

Wall paints should be carefully selected

Whereas just a few years ago the choice of colors for wall paints was limited, today almost all nuances - from light to strong - are available at the hardware store. However, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right color. So it should be avoided to paint a small room in a dark color. Too dark a coat makes the room look even smaller. In order to make a room appear larger, bright and friendly colors are suitable. Pleasant cream and pastel shades replace sterile white. If you find this too boring, you can end up with strong accents in contrasting colors for more expressiveness.

Even rooms with high or low ceilings can be made more coherent by a clever choice of colors. For example, a taller room is lower if the ceiling is painted darker than the walls. For very high rooms, the upper part of the wall (about ten centimeters) in the ceiling color should also be painted for optimum room effect. On the other hand, the ceiling (and possibly the upper strip of the wall) should be kept light in low rooms, otherwise the result could be overwhelming ...

It should be noted that the new paint matches the furniture and flooring. Only a room in which the colors match each other looks cozy and harmonious at the end.

A new feeling of living - the effect of different colors

Every color has its effect. Colors can be stimulating or soothing to the viewer. Therefore, before selecting the wall color, it should be considered what room effect is intended.

If, for example, there is a coat of paint in the bedroom, cool colors are most suitable. Blues and greens are ideal for rest rooms. Blue is a color that provides relaxation and balance. Green also has a calming effect but at the same time it is supposed to create a "feeling of freshness", making it a good choice for those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

For even more stimulation after getting up, the color turns yellow. It is therefore particularly suitable for kitchens or dining rooms and is ideal for households in which several people live, because sunny and warm yellow tones are attributed a communicative effect. Also a warm red or strong orange may be the right choice for the dining area. However, these colors should be carefully (and in moderation) on the wall - here is "less is more". A single red or orange wall can have a positive effect on your appetite.

Many colors can be perfectly combined. If and which colors match best can be determined by means of a color wheel. But personal taste also plays a significant role. Before it comes to painting, you should look around in the construction or furnishing market and take home some color cards.

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