The Digital Cooking Age Begins

The Digital Cooking Age Begins

Smart cooking pots and multi-media hobs are no longer a dream of the future. Even the fridge and dishwasher can be controlled via the app.

Manage the household, cook and keep an eye on the shopping list. All this can be the kitchen of the digital age. This is how you can use the time to relax. What started with the Thermomix has now been given a new dimension: with the help of WLAN, the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher take over the lead in the kitchen and turn it into an interactive zone.

The interactive kitchen takes work off

What sounds imaginary , is already a reality: If you are internet affine, download the Home Connect app for iOS and Android. The app is able to control household appliances of various well-known brands. This can be used on the go washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or oven. How nice is the idea of ​​having a hot meal in the oven at home? Or if the dishwasher reports at the right time that it needs a new rinse aid or salt?

A smart refrigerator always has its contents in view. With the help of a camera, he can determine what is missing and send the residents a shopping list on their tablet or smartphone or directly order themselves in the online shop. But also communication with the hob and oven is possible. Recipes matching the refrigerator contents are suggested.

The app uses the home's WiFi network to communicate with the appliances in the kitchen. So there is no additional hardware required, but only kitchen appliances that have the Home Connect function.

In these devices, a WLAN chip is integrated, which makes them accessible on the go. Security is ensured: protection against unauthorized access meets the highest security standards and is TÜV-approved.

The Home Connect App can be downloaded for free from the App Store. After that only an e-mail registration and compatible devices are necessary. An encrypted network is a prerequisite for registering the kitchen appliances, so that access by strangers is definitely not possible.

Intelligent cooking pots and hobs keep an eye on everything

Intelligent cooking pots make even the least gifted chef an all-rounder. WMF has developed a cooking pot which can communicate via WLAN chip and has both the ingredients and the cooking times in view. The pot can be controlled by app.

That can only top an interactive hob with touchscreen: With the Interactive Cooktop from Bauknecht, you have a hob that combines digital with real life. The hob can be connected to the social media profile and recipes are displayed directly on the hob. It communicates with a smart fridge over the existing ingredients and can also provide a weighing function.

If you need help with cooking, you can find tutorials right on the hob. With the video function it is also possible to cook live at cooking shows. But the hob also communicates with the washing machine and can control it with one click. Many more features turn the kitchen into a digital multimedia zone, making it the central meeting place of the home.

The digital age has begun and does not stop at the kitchen. Many functions of the devices take away real work and thus give more time for the important things in life.

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