The comeback of the make-up table

The comeback of the make-up table

An almost forgotten furniture conquers Germany's bedroom - the dressing table. And without beauty equipment, he becomes a secretary.

Once a duty for fashion-conscious ladies in the Biedermeier era, then dismissed as a petty girl's dream, today's it-piece for fashionistas - the make-up table. Already disappeared in the sinking, more and more manufacturers are awakening the furniture for the make-up from the slumber.

Filigree dressing table retreats discreetly

The dressing table from yesteryear experienced its revival of course in a modern look, but as usual with mirror as well as many compartments and drawers for storing cosmetics, brushes, jewelery and accessories. It shows its filigree side, comes in compact proportions and mostly on graceful legs therefore. The fine table is often limited in form and function to the essentials. Closed a simple beautiful furniture, opened with unfolded mirror, light and compartments a comfortable make-up area.

Dodge to the bedroom

Especially when the bathroom is cramped or the family is large, offers to dodge an extra make-up and Hairdressing area in the bedroom. So it is hardly surprising that bedroom furniture ranges increasingly with narrow tables to pull out or unfold - useful as make-up or work according to taste.

Transformation to the Secretary for the laptop age

Because not infrequently, the delicate furniture are multifunctional and also serving as secretaries, in the style of elegant but sophisticated writing furniture for the laptop generation. Slim tables with a typical writing flap behind which, however, only a few work tools can be accommodated when closed. But let's face it, who needs lavish storage space in times of paperless office.

More and more frequently such a small workplace is set up in the bedroom, as it is considered to be ideal for domestic correspondence. The ladies already knew that in the Biedermeier era. After all, it always gives a piece of privacy to the dressing table.

Glam Room - the new dressing room

The dressing table can also be found in larger bathrooms (bathroom furniture manufacturers already offer it in their ranges) and in the dressing room , The latter is increasingly turning into a glam room, the boudoir of today. It is considered a modern interpretation of the dressing room, in which clothes, shoes, bags and make-up items are no longer hidden, but rather presented. And if you do not have opulent space and extra space, just set up a beauty corner - with a dressing table, of course.

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