The Cold Winter Garden - Garden Under Glass

The Cold Winter Garden - Garden Under Glass

Are you a homeowner and botanically active? Then you should be aware of the problem of seasonal conditions. Or you breed plants susceptible to precipitation and wind.

A greenhouse in your own home

A conservatory could help here, maybe you've been thinking about buying something? With the help of a winter garden, you have an extraordinary opportunity to integrate a kind of greenhouse into your home.

There are so-called cold winter gardens, whose task is exclusively related to wind and precipitation protection, and which allow a season extension. Compared to the cold winter garden, other conservatories are equipped either with a frost guard, which keeps the temperatures above a certain minimum, or entirely with a heating system.

With the help of an unheated conservatory you can practice your breeding more successfully and, above all, easier. Sowing and growing seedlings is possible early in the year, and of course you should always keep in mind the daily highs and lows. For some species, e.g. For the orchids, lowering the temperature at night is important for developing flowers.

Cold-winter gardens are available in all imaginable shapes and sizes with different additional functions. However, some of you should be considered from the beginning, such as Ventilation options, any necessary wall breakthroughs or the actual solar radiation and shading of the winter garden in summer.

About MyHammer you will find qualified entrepreneurs who can clarify these questions with you and offer a professional solution for your winter garden. Especially with important additional functions, such as a ventilation option to prevent possible overheating under direct sunlight, you should consult a professional to give your plants the best possible environment for successful breeding. And especially when it comes to the thoughtful installation of heating options for winter bridging or an attractive integration into your home, a skilled work is necessary.

The guide "The cold winter garden" was created in friendly cooperation with the "Winter Garden Association eV"

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