The Biggest Misconceptions About Saving Electricity

The Biggest Misconceptions About Saving Electricity

A lot of myths surround the subject of electricity saving. Time to clean up with the biggest mistakes!

Preheat oven - yes or no?

Cookbooks, mothers and grandmothers swear by preheating the oven. But this is only necessary in exceptional cases in order to achieve a good result - for example with pizza or a sponge roll. Ovens with convection or hot air function heat up quickly anyway; Preheating is not required here. The grill function can be used directly. This saves not only time, but also money in the long term.

Is the tumble dryer a power guzzler?

Modern appliances are unjustly suspected of being large consumers of electricity. Tumble dryers equipped with a heat pump use the heat from the exhaust air very efficiently. Appliances are even available in energy efficiency classes A +, A ++ and A +++.

Conventional dryers consume more: energy consumption is about 70 percent higher than with innovative heat pump dryers.

Pot lid - unnecessary?

A lid is unnecessary for short or long cooking times or for small vessels. On the contrary: Egg-cooking, for example, consumes twice the amount of energy without pot lid.

Important: Find the right lid for each pot. This is the only way to escape little steam and thus less energy. "Pot goblets" should hold back for the same reason - a glass lid is a good alternative for those who are curious to see through.

Screensavers - a relic from the past?

Clearly: screensavers are a remnant of yesteryear. On old CRT screens they should prevent the image from burning in. Modern screens do not need this anymore. Elaborate screensavers with various animations are nice to look at, but they consume a lot of energy. Instead, select standby mode or shut down the device completely.

Kettle or Stove?

Spaghetti is on the menu - but which is the right technique to heat the pasta water cheaply? Kettle and electric cooker consume about the same amount every hour - namely 2,000 watts. Important here is the time in which the water is heated. The kettle is far superior to the stove in terms of speed - so use the cooker and save power, time and money.

Are charged batteries power guzzlers?

Definitely yes! Charged batteries from cell phones, razors and others continue to draw power even when fully charged. It is best to take the charged device directly from the mains. Incidentally, charging stations also consume power in standby mode. Disconnect them when not in use - this saves energy.

Ice layer in the freezer - no problem?

Terrifying: just one centimeter of ice around the cooling bars increases power consumption by half. The ice layer is caused by the moisture of the food and by frequent opening of the freezer compartment door. Regular defrosting as well as switching to devices with the so-called "no-frost technology" help.

Installing a photovoltaic system: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in the price radar around the topic of photovoltaic systems.

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