The best natural stones for walls

The best natural stones for walls

Natural stone masonry is more elaborate and expensive than concrete and brick walls. However, they have much more charm and are very durable.

Sandstone for Dry Walls

Sandstone dry stone walls are an asset to the garden, not only visually, but also ecologically. They are suitable as a support for slopes, as bedding border or terrace border, to the department of individual garden areas or as a property boundary. The stones are stacked dry and not grouted - cavities are filled with gravel and can be optionally equipped with rock garden plants.

Limestone for walls

Limestone is also very well suited for natural stone walls. It is usually available in large split plates that can be easily trimmed to get the desired size for a wall. The stones are loosely evenly stacked. Below are the largest stones - a neat cover layer of flat stones follows at the top.

Foundlings on top of one another

Foundations that are evenly stacked create a fieldstone masonry. The joints of the natural stone wall are grouted with mortar. Boulders are available at the local quarry - alternatively they are collected.

Granite cuboid for sturdy masonry

Granite cuboids and bricks are very dimensionally stable and therefore easy to process. They are available in different shades from light to dark gray, beige, yellow and red to anthracite and black. Granite blocks can either be set as dry-stone walls or grouted with mortar.

Natural stone wall made of quarry rock slabs

A rubble stone wall, also known as rough masonry, is created by putting together quarry stones and grouting with mortar. This construction requires a solid foundation of reinforced concrete. Quarry stones are available at a relatively low cost in the quarry.

Processing slates in ancient masonry techniques

In traditional masonry techniques, slates are alternately layered horizontally and vertically. Flat wall sections are to be connected with mortar - these hold the upright arranged stone sections.

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