The Best Ideas for Grave Design

The Best Ideas for Grave Design

With the right ideas, a grave becomes an appealing, dignified and peaceful piece of earth. There are many possibilities for grave design.

Grave lights as visual highlights

Grave lights can significantly enhance the funeral design. Who does not reach for cheap one-time lights, can create a nice ambience with grave lights. Expensive, but also very stylish, are grave lights made of bronze. These are available in a simple but elegant Art Nouveau look. They contribute to a nostalgic grave design and fit beautifully with angel statues.

Bamboo as appealing grave plant

Beautiful ideas for a green planting of the grave can be implemented with bamboo. Especially Pleioblastus pygmaeus, the dwarf-bamboo, is suitable for grave design. With dwarf-bamboo the grave can be transplanted like a low hedge. The inner grave area can then be decorated with flowers and stones. A large bamboo stands especially well next to the tombstone and grows around it a little.

Green grave with ground cover

If flowers are too colorful, you can plant the grave with ground cover. The most suitable are evergreen ground cover, such as the dwarf medlar. This is up to 30 inches high and is very easy to clean. It can be cropped at will. Twice a year the dwarf medlar shows its especially beautiful side: in spring it bears white flowers, in autumn red berries (which are however poisonous).

Ideas for grave design with flowers

Flowers are suitable for a colorful grave design , There should not be too many colors mixed and these are well matched. Beautiful are, for example, blue and yellow-orange flowers or flowers in different shades of red. A nice idea is to use the flowers to plant subtle patterns like a circular or a radial arrangement.

Nostalgic tombs with angel statues

One of the most beautiful ideas for tomb design is a nostalgic angel statue. Stylistically best fit statues that are visually based on angel statues from times gone by. Putti are less suitable for graves than elegant female figures with beautiful big wings. Marble is a beautiful material for the statues, but also other natural stone. One can take advantage of the visual effect of climbing plants such as ivy and leave gravestone, angels and possibly a small fence surrounded by them.

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