The best coverings for terraces

The best coverings for terraces

The surface is particularly important for a beautiful terrace. Depending on the taste, it can be selected from a variety of materials.

Chippings - simple and inexpensive

Without great material and labor costs, this coating can be easily processed by yourself. Simply remove the topsoil and apply chippings. Within a very short time, the barbecue party can begin. Unfortunately, the chippings quickly become uneven and the small stones are easily carried into the house.

Artificial turf - the quick alternative

If a level and stable surface is already available, artificial turf can be used to quickly create an appealing terrace floor. Artificial turf is available as a roll product in the hardware store and can be laid out and cut easily. However, dirt and moisture increase quite a bit on the carpet, so that the appearance quickly worsens without regular cleaning.

Tiles - for the easy-care garden

A tiled terrace is particularly easy-care and robust. The tile is applied with a tile adhesive and then grouted on a level and load-bearing concrete slab. It is important that all materials used are frost-proof.

Wood Tiles - Pleasant and Practical

Wood Tiles are small wooden elements that can be connected to form a surface by means of a click or plug system. The underground is also a load-bearing and level concrete slab on which the wooden tiles are simply laid.

Polygonal paving - Tuscan-style flooring

Irregularly shaped stone slabs give the terrace a Mediterranean look and are also very durable. However, this requires a good substrate and the use of frost-proof materials. Due to the free arrangement of the stone slabs, a very individual covering can also be produced.

Concrete slabs and concrete blocks - the functional terrace

Hard-wearing and at the same time relatively cheap in price are concrete slabs or concrete blocks. The substructure used is a frost-resistant base layer of gravel or gravel. The slabs or stones are then placed in a chipped bed with a flat surface and grouted with crushed sand.

Stone carpet - the jointless covering

The stone carpet is relatively unknown as a covering for terraces. This consists of small round grains of rock which are glued to the substrate with the aid of a binder (usually epoxy resin).

Clinker plaster - warm and lasting

The clinker made of clay gives the terrace a warm and at the same time natural appearance. The clinker plaster is also almost indestructible laid on a frost protection layer in chippings. However, the clinker is also appreciated for storing the heat from the sunlight and releasing it in the evening. Cold feet are now a thing of the past.

Timber flooring - the classic

One of the most popular terraced floors is the wooden plank flooring. On a substructure of wooden beams, the wooden planks are simply screwed one after the other. This creates a beautiful and natural looking decking. It is also important here that the wood is sufficiently weather-resistant.

Natural stone paving - an exclusive covering

Terraces made of natural stone paving are particularly valuable. You can choose between different stone types such as granite, basalt or marble. Similar to the clinker or concrete paving stones are placed on a frost protection layer in chippings and crushed sand and then grouted. By using a special laying pattern, the appearance can be individualized.

Pay attention to quality

If you are looking for a durable and appealing surface for the new terrace, you must not alone decide the price, but also pay attention to the quality. Materials such as concrete paving or wooden planks are relatively durable, present themselves visually appealing and can also be processed well. That is why they are usually a good choice.

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