The best care for plank flooring - Checklist

The best care for plank flooring - Checklist

The cleaning and care of a plank floor is very easy. However, you should pay a lot of attention in order not to damage the natural floor.

Plank flooring - Hints for care

Plank flooring is one of the oldest and most popular floor coverings. Long and short wooden boards are natural products that are extremely hygienic and easy to care for. A plank floor is very durable, warm to the feet and moisturizing. This property also supports a healthy indoor climate. For a long life of the wooden floor, it is important to avoid large and persistent humidity and temperature fluctuations in the room.

  • For everyday care, clean the floor with a mop, broom or floor vacuum cleaner of dust and loose dirt.
  • Always wipe the floor with a damp cloth, never wet it.
  • Standing water immediately
  • Do not use aggressive detergents - alcoholic specimens will soften the seal.
  • Remove stains with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid using microfibre cloths - cotton cleaning cloths are more suitable.
  • No steam cleaners or others
  • Prevent scratches on chair legs with felt glides

Clean wood flooring properly

  • The use of care products depends on the respective surface treatment of the floor.
  • Use special polishes for sealed surfaces.
  • Oiled and Treat soaped floorboards with care products that clean and form a new protective layer.
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  • To refresh the plank floor, scrub with soap and a soft brush.
  • Wood floor soap cleans, cares and builds up the surface.
  • Dried floorboards can also be oiled.
  • Pre-treatment of the surface with wood-cleaning agent.
  • Floor oil applied thinly and evenly with a soft cloth.
  • Proceed step by step - machine two or three planks daily and allow to dry.

Remove traces of wear

  • Natural wood floors are sensitive to mechanical stress.
  • Scratch marks on animals, shoes and furniture are not enough.
  • If the signs of wear are very large - sand the floor.
  • Then glaze, oil or varnish.

Wooden floorboards are hygienic and easy to clean , Everyday care is limited to removing dust and loose dirt. Afterwards you can wipe with a damp cloth. Preventing large temperature fluctuations contributes to a long life of the wooden floor. The average room temperature is ideally 18 to 20 degrees, the humidity 50 to 60 percent.

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