The best balcony plants for the west side

The best balcony plants for the west side

The selection of balcony plants is large. Many of them can not stand the blazing sun all day long. Fuchsias - many varieties make the choice difficult

Fuchsias are available in different color combinations and even as hardy species. The frugal plant thrives excellently on the west balcony. In boxes and pots, the plants look as if they were planted alone, as well as in combination with other balcony plants.

Bleeding heart - a flower not only for melancholy

No name suits this plant better than Bleeding Heart. The plant is robust and expressive and can reach even in boxes a stature height of up to 50 cm. The white or pink flowers are also suitable as a room decoration.

Männertreu - a balcony plant made for boxes

Hardly a flower buddy can avoid the delicate little flowers with the strong blue. Especially between taller balcony plants and where a gap should be closed Männertreu reveals its full effect. The plant thrives in the sun and partial shade.

Begonia - tender and graceful

Flowering begonias are an eye-catcher especially in large numbers. The species-rich plant genus scores with impressive flowers and leaves. As a whole-day sunshine stresses the beauty, the west balcony is the ideal location for it.

Geranium - the standard plant for the radiant west balcony

Anyone who has once seen free-growing geraniums under the southern sun will appreciate them as a balcony plant. The most popular variety produces bright flower bales. If it is protected from too much rain, it blooms until the first frost.

Clematis - an interesting master of climbing art

Those who have the choice are spoiled for choice. Numerous Clematis varieties are available for large flower boxes. The plants can even serve as privacy screens. A climbing aid should be planned.

Nasturtium - flowering plant and spice plant

Nasturtium can grow, climb or hang upright, depending on your preference. Numerous varieties with beautiful colors and drawings and large leaves thrive in the form of undemanding balcony plants. Once the plant grows, it can not be stopped.

Oregano - the best-known herb of the Mediterranean cuisine

The southerners should not be missed in aromatic herbal boxes. The Greek variety also thrives on the west balcony and is even hardy. When the earth is slowly emaciated, special food continues to give the oregano power.

Parsley - a standard herb for numerous dishes

The frugal parsley likes the location on the west side where the sun shines until it sets. Parsley can be planted with smooth and or with curly leaves. The plant only needs some water and herbal fertilizer.

Chives - the essential oils are suitable for seasoning

Chives is a fresh spice that thrives well in balcony boxes. The decorative growth form provides momentum in boring floral arrangements. When leeks bloom, it makes many a flower competition. When the days get shorter again and the temperatures drop, he prepares to spend the winter.

The advantage of the west side compared to the south side is obvious. Less solar radiation is associated with less heat, which means by the prevailing partial shade balcony plants and the herbs less thirsty. The best time for casting is when the sun's energy is still low or already subsides. In the early morning and late evening, all plants absorb the fresh water better. In addition, the water does not evaporate unused in high heat. If you cover the floor with stones, the moisture will not evaporate easily.

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