The Bath - A Place to Relax

The Bath - A Place to Relax

After a successful day at work, it's important to relax in your own home

The most beautiful bathtubs for your bathroom

A simple and at the same time effective way to end the day pleasantly is offered by your own bathtub - true to the motto "enjoy wellness at home". There are different types of bathtubs offering different benefits and functions.

Freestanding Bathtub
The classics are freestanding bathtubs. Today, the free-standing bathtub is again entering the modern bathroom, often in a trendy retro look. Not least, this is because the craftsman can now lay the necessary connections arbitrarily. Thus, the bathtub as an eye-catcher, especially in larger bathrooms, the central element. In addition, this type of tub can be very easily maintained and cleaned.

They are so free - freestanding bathtubs Freistehende Badewanne auf Steinteppich To the gallery >> They are so free - freestanding bathtubs Modernes Badezimmer To the gallery >> Those are so free - freestanding bathtubs Mild getöntes Badezimmer To the gallery >> They are so free - freestanding bathtubs Altmodisches Badezimmer To the gallery >> They are so free - freestanding bathtubs Badezimmer mit Ziegelwand To the gallery >> Die are so free - freestanding bathtubs Bad im Landhausstil To the gallery >> They are so free - freestanding bathtubs Luxuriöses Bad To the gallery >>

Corner bath
Corner bathtubs are perfect if the bathroom has a problematic floor plan or only little space is available for the installation of the bathtub. And visually, a professionally installed corner bath is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom. Of course you do not have to compromise on bathing comfort. Another advantage is that larger storage surfaces can be used for laundry and personal care articles. For freestanding models this usually lacks the necessary space on the edge of the bathtub. Depending on the model chosen, two persons can also be accommodated in a corner bath tub for a shared bath.

The highlight is the whirlpool - a bathtub with whirlpool system. The trick: Air and water eddies are created, which flow around the body, relax muscles, promote blood circulation and thereby even relieve pain. Depending on the model, the individual jets of the whirl system can be targeted to specific parts of the body. The tub should be made of sanitary acrylic and be ergonomically shaped. Not least because of the electronics used, only products with a valid test stamp or certificate, such as the RAL quality mark or the TÜV mark, should be purchased and installed by a specialist tradesman.

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