The bathroom for small rooms

The bathroom for small rooms

A small bathroom does not have to be a disadvantage. Small rooms are not overwhelming with the right bathroom furniture, they are cozy.

Even a small bathroom can be transformed into a dream bathroom with just a few accessories. Important criteria are plenty of light, the matching bathroom furniture and bright colors.

Optimal furnishings for a bathroom

Setting up a small bathroom is not easy. Toilet, sink, mirror, shower or bath are like shelves as standard. Many bathroom furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of matching bathroom furniture for smaller spaces. Small bathroom furniture looks rather out of place.

A small bathroom should not look cluttered or squat and should not provide too much storage space. A tub is advantageous if the space is sufficient. Combinations of a narrow tub and shower are offered. Tall and narrow base cabinets or wall cabinets provide sufficient storage space for towels and hygiene items. For small rooms, built-in wardrobes that almost disappear in the wall are best.

Small rooms convey a sense of security

A small room also offers a good surface for a dream bathroom, like a large room. Bright tiles and a light floor visually enlarge each bathroom. Particularly well suited are cream colors, white or shades of gray on the walls and on the floor.

Negative effects are hidden or covered windows. Light has a positive effect on small rooms. They look friendlier and brighter. Due to the right place, a large mirror additionally provides brightness and room depth through the reflection of the light. Chrome faucets are beneficial because they also reflect the light. Few contrasts create a sense of calm and warmth.

Tips for a small dream bathroom

If there is a shower, glass shower cubicles make sense. They look classy and expand the space. The bathroom furniture should be attached as hanging as possible. When the floor is clear, the room is not too narrow or crowded. The walls do not need unnecessary decorations. With the few accessories, the Minibad quickly creates a small wellness oasis.

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