The bathroom brought to life through tiles

The bathroom brought to life through tiles

The bath is a place of rest. Lime deposits, cracks and traces of rust give it an uncomfortable character over time. In such cases it is necessary to lay new tiles in order to restore the old freshness.

Two baths were the same, which had to be tiled and grouted by Christian S. from Stuttgart. The old tiles had served their purpose - they clearly showed their age.

He described the work to be done in every detail and finally awarded the contract to K1 YOUR tile specialist from Hildrizhausen, who immediately went to work

This resulted in two bathrooms with friendly sandstone-colored floor tiles and lively white wall tiles, so that the bathroom has once again become a place of well-being.

Also the praise of Christian S. ' was very precise: "Mr. Kastrati has done a great job with his team.Not only the final result looks very nice, even the difficult ground was no problem for him.He has professionally dry and tiled everything in a short time window.

How much tiling costs?


We answer these and many other questions on our theme page about working with tiles!

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