The 5 Most Beautiful Hanging Plants for the Balcony

The 5 Most Beautiful Hanging Plants for the Balcony

When flowering plants that grow upright join colorful hanging plants

Geranium - easy-care classic

Anyone who has no problem with the slightly dusty image of geraniums can get true flower cascades on the balcony. Important for the health of the plants, however, is the regular removal of blooms and dead plant parts. Apart from that, geraniums are easy to care for and can easily be brought in a cool room over the winter.

Petunias - balcony plants par excellence

In addition to a large supply of standing specimens, the trade offers a rich selection of hanging petunias. These present themselves with large and small flowers, filled or unfilled. Since the petals of the plant are extremely sensitive to rain, petunias benefit from a covered location. A balcony is perfect. For some time already "self-cleaning" hanging peteunias are available. Your advantage: Bloom dries up instead of being sticky on the foliage. Petunias are one-year-old, so they unfortunately have to be disposed of after a blooming summer.

Fuchsias - the colorful bells fascinate

Since fuchsias get along well with less crowded locations, they are also suitable for less sunny balconies. Above all, darker corners, where sun-hungry hanging plants would fail, can be upgraded by hanging staff, planted with brightly colored fuchsias. If the shoots of the hanging fuchsias become too long and spilled, they can easily be shortened. The plant then drifts from the top. The wintering of fuchsias in a frost-free room is possible, but rarely succeeds.

Verbena - the colorful flowering wonders

Get Verbenen a sunny location and good care, they bloom lavishly from May to the first frost. This applies to upright specimens and hanging verbena. In addition to the classic colors of red, pink, white and blue, even multicolored flowering plants are now available. Vervain exudes a pleasantly spicy aroma, which even attracts butterflies. The balcony plant is not hardy and starts its first cold nights.

Blue lobelia - no true hanging plants

In principle, lobelia are not hanging plants in the classical sense. The plant, which is also known by the name Männertreu, grows perennial herbaceous and therefore like beyond the pot edge; because of their delicate stems, the foothills then tilt down. Lobelia is quite attractive as a solitary, but also enriches planted boxes and tubs by filling gaps with their pillow-like growth. Männertreu is one year old and can not be overwintered.

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