Tension or exchange belt winders? - Tips

Tension or exchange belt winders? - Tips

If the Gurtwickler has lost the tension, usually the spring is broken. Clamping is possible instead of an exchange, but usually not useful.

Structure of the belt winder

The winder is the lower part, in which the belt of the roller shutter is wound up when opening. Inside this component is a box in which a tensioned coil spring sits. This is usually broken when the belt does not wind up.

Tensioning the spring

The repair seems easy at first glance. The winder is attached with two screws and can be pulled out of the wall as soon as they are loosened. The box is bolted to the bracket with three metal pins. These can be bent open to open the can.

The spring is usually broken in two parts and can be easily removed. The short piece is no longer useful. The large piece can be cut straight at the breaking point and provided with a suitable hole for re-hanging. Once the noses snap back into the holder, the clamping begins. The can is to be turned in the opposite direction to the belt's winding direction.

The repair is usually not practical

Tensioning is not a problem, but the preparation of the spring is quite difficult and expensive. In addition, the spring is shorter and also has some burdens behind it. It usually breaks again after a short time.

The mounting and attaching of the safety lugs loads the metal. A second or third repair can not handle it. As soon as one of the noses breaks, tightening no longer makes sense. An exchange is inevitable.

Do-it-yourselfers should consider whether to disassemble a Gurtwickler to repair it. The repair succeeds only with the use of a workbench and mini tiller. The risk of injury is high if the spring is not properly clamped or if the tool is unsuitable.

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An exchange costs little and goes fast

A new Gurtwickler costs about five euros. When buying new, pay attention only to the hole spacing in the mounting plate and the width of the belt. The spring is already biased. The installation of a new Gurtwickler requires a maximum of 15 minutes, there is no risk of injury. The preparation of the spring and the clamping take well over an hour, bloody fingers are not excluded.

Instead of replacing the old winder with a mechanical one, an electric winder is an alternative. These costs from 70 euros upwards, radio-controlled models are already available from 100 euros. The electric belt winder bring an increase in comfort and are quickly assembled.

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