Suitable materials for the conservatory

Suitable materials for the conservatory

Your own winter garden can be used as a retreat for comfortable hours, for relaxing and relaxing, but also for parties with friends. When constructing a winter garden, various suitable building materials can be considered, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages.

Winter Garden

  • Aluminum : One option is a conservatory built using an aluminum construction. Aluminum has the advantage that it is a lightweight and at the same time very durable material, which is weatherproof and easy to clean.
  • Wood : The natural material wood is a natural alternative to aluminum. Wood makes the conservatory appear natural and natural is also characterized by the optimal thermal insulation. The multi-faceted material must be protected against environmental influences by a glaze or a suitable finish, but is also the most environmentally friendly raw material of our time.

The combination of aluminum and wood is finding more and more followers. A ventilated outer shell made of aluminum protects against weather and environmental influences, inside the wood provides a cozy and natural atmosphere.

  • Kunsstoff : Another alternative is plastic, which is often characterized by its low cost. At the same time, the easy-care and inexpensive material is protected against the effects of the environment and humidity. In the case of the plastic variant, however, the load-bearing structure must be made of a certain size of aluminum or steel in order to ensure maximum stability.

Conservatory glazing

Glass is an essential component of your own winter garden. But here, too, the right material plays an important role. The glass used should be highly heat-insulating and at the same time resistant. Especially with the roof construction, at least on the room side, laminated safety glass must be used.


Suitable building materials for the interior of the conservatory are above all natural or particularly easy-care alternatives. For your own taste, for example, you can choose between natural stone, parquet, bamboo, stone tiles or a cork floor.

In addition to the choice of materials, you should also consider their properties during the planning process in order to be able to pay later to appreciate. The exact planning of the winter garden should be carried out together with a specialist, as this can assess the structural situation and make cost estimates and also can answer all your questions professionally.

The guide "Suitable building materials for the conservatory" was created in friendly cooperation with the "Winter Garden Trade Association eV".

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