Stylish, practical and comfortable cooking - Barrier-free kitchen design

Stylish, practical and comfortable cooking - Barrier-free kitchen design

Especially in the kitchen, it is important that design and functionality are harmoniously combined. Everything should be achievable without great effort.

You must pay attention to this in kitchen planning:

Movement areas play an important role in planning. As an ideal measure here is a movement area of ​​150 cm along or in front of the kitchen equipment.

But this is often a problem especially in smaller kitchens. Remedy here mobile or height-adjustable devices that affect the movement area. Height-adjustable facilities are available for almost all work areas of the kitchen. A flexible height adjustment of the worktop also offers decisive advantages. Family members of different body sizes will find it much easier to work in the kitchen.

Especially in the kitchen sector: all controls and sockets must be installed at a height of 85 centimeters. The oven and dishwasher should also be mounted at a comfortable working height. For wheelchair users, a side-opening oven is advantageous for better approachability. All items and controls used must be sufficiently large and easily accessible.
The sink should have an inlet bevel and swivel fitting with hand shower hose for ease of use. When installing electrical and electronic control systems, it is important to ensure that they are easy to understand and easy to operate.

Criteria for a barrier-free kitchen at a glance (according to LoB):

  • sufficient movement areas (for wheelchairs at least 150 x 150 cm)
  • non-slip, easy-care floors
  • glare-free lighting
  • easy-to-reach switches and sockets
  • central switch for electric, gas, water
  • safety devices for fire, smoke and water
  • Equipment and technical equipment with self-shutdown
  • short distances between the work areas, it is advisable to use a crossover arrangement eg vonHerd und Arbeitsplatte
  • Lowerable possibly height-adjustable worktop
  • Flat-bed sink with insertion bevel
  • Approach switch for fittings
  • Cooker adapted in optimized height and with removable safety catch (railing)
  • Optimized height of oven and refrigerator
  • height-adjustable wall units with glass shelves for a better view from below
  • Base cabinets and drawers in full extension
  • Pharmacy cabinets

The information in this guide "Stylish, practical and comfortable cooking - Barrier-free kitchen design" comes from "LoB Germany - Life without Barriers ".

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