Painting the Staircase - Creative Ideas

Painting the Staircase - Creative Ideas

The staircase is the first impression a visitor receives when they enter a house. With creative ideas, it becomes an eye-catcher when painting.

The Staircase - Eye-catcher of the House

When a visitor or occupant enters a house, he gains the first impression of the interior from the staircase. Old staircases in the style of the Wilhelminian style with art nouveau ornaments and stucco are very impressive and aesthetic. However, this design is only suitable for houses that have corresponding stairs and apartment doors. For modern staircases, other ideas for living, with which one can provide with colors for extravagance and great design.

Old staircases with stucco paint

In Wilhelminian style buildings, there are many staircases that still the original design with ceiling or murals, Stucco and ornamental borders show. If everything is well preserved, it should remain as cultural property as it is. Sometimes, however, the old stairwells have to be renovated. Then the owner has the opportunity to work creatively with the existing structures.

A good idea is to include the piece in the planning. When renovating it is possible to delete the staircase so that you can see the Gründerzeit style under a more modern paint. One idea is to paint the stucco in a fresh paint and the walls in another. Color combinations such as green / old rose, old rose / brown or turquoise / gold differ from the covered original finish and still fit well into the piece.

If the original walls and ceilings had embedded paintings or other plastic structures, they can be used. It is now possible to paint in three colors or even more. These can be rich in contrast, but should be perfectly attuned to each other.

If there is still a functioning old staircase in the staircase, it should not be painted. Rather, the staircase provides a point of orientation to which the color choice should be adapted.

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Ideas for modern stairwells

Different ideas can be realized in modern staircases. Who works with latex paint, gets a shiny coat. This can be combined well with rich colors like a dark purple or petrol. A creative idea is to divide the staircase into fields and paint them in different, well-coordinated colors. It can quite five, six or more colors are used, as long as everything fits together perfectly. For the division of the color surfaces, one can orient oneself to structures in the stairwell, such as windows, doors or storage rooms.

The staircase can be included when painting. It should have a more unobtrusive finish than the walls and ceiling. However, you can also work in two colors here, for example, paint the vertical parts of the steps in a different color than the rest of the stairs.

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