Stress-free to the new home

Stress-free to the new home

It's far from over when packing and unpacking boxes. Moving is a real time effort. What about extra vacation days?

Reregistering, signing up, canceling, mucking out, packing up - moving home means much more than transporting the household from the old to the new place of residence. A move has a long lead time. In every corner of the house, in all the drawers and under all the beds, there are things to dispose of and to store in crates.

So, before the whole property finally changes place, there are so many little things to do. From the change of the electricity or gas provider over the forwarding application at the post office to the registration of the children in the new school. It's simply impossible to master a move on a single weekend. But what's the point of sacrificing precious days off, which were actually meant to be read in the shade of a palm tree, for carrying stress and crates? Who's right Extra vacation?

Contrary to all rumors, there is no general and general entitlement to special leave for a move. The German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB) stipulates that an employee is only entitled to paid time off by

non-self-employed absence

. This only covers situations such as the birth of one's own child and the care of ill offspring twelve years or the death of close relatives. Only in these cases does the employer feel obligated to approve a special leave. So a private move does not count as it is a self-induced absence. However, if the move takes place for business reasons, the situation looks different, of course. In the case of a job transfer, the prospect of a day off to move is much better. In many cases, the worker is even provided with two additional leave days.

How do I know what's going on?

Although employers are not required to release their employees for moving, there are exceptions. Before one relies completely on the BGB, in any case sometimes in its own employment contract, the company agreement or the collective agreements read. It may well be that companies also plan additional holidays for other reasons. But despite a note to move, there is no direct claim to special leave in this case.

Questions cost nothing

Although the BGB is not very well-disposed to the newcomers, it may look different with the superiors. Especially when there is a lot of overtime, or when there are big successes to celebrate, let's talk to the boss directly about the issue, and work out a solution that everyone will be happy with.

Offer a weekend service in return or instead of one Possibly negotiating an extra day off is an opportunity to get the extra day off with a bit of luck and sensitivity.

The likelihood that a good and dependable employee will always be given an extra day off is low but at least the employer's agreement can be expected in most cases. Also, the earlier you ask and the move date, the more likely it is that you can do something about an extra day off.

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