Store food properly

Store food properly

In today's society more and more is being thrown away. In the kitchen, one can start by sustainably storing food to resist this trend.

A perfectly organized household also includes the economic storage of food. What should be considered? First and foremost, it is important to ensure a clear overview of stocks. Cabinets, especially high- or pharmacist cabinets, are particularly suitable for this, as they are very visible. A clear overview is of enormous importance to the organization. All foods that are to be stored at room temperature can be stored there in an orderly manner. The side transparent storage containers, which can be used to transfer food, also work wonderfully as small helpers for the clarity of the respective compartments.

Important: Knowing the shelf life and preventing the loss of food

But the correct storage of food is not only to the stockpiling, but also to the food preparation. Regularly you should therefore check the durability data. Faster perishable articles can be better forwarded to the storage location, longer durable articles to the rear. This ensures the timely processing of food and prevents spoilage. Only through this simple approach is the first step away from the throwaway society and made to measure.

Lists and menus help with food organization

Stock lists can also be helpful in organizing in the kitchen. With a regular supplement of these lists z. For example, never miss the potatoes or a spice. You can also put together weekly meal plans. So you can balance the plan with the existing supplies and then plan the dishes for the week meaningful. A regular diet, which serves the health, and the protection of the purse are thus ensured and represent further substantial benefits of the well-thought-out storage.

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