Steam ironing machine - automatically better?

Steam ironing machine - automatically better?

A steam ironing machine facilitates ironing. Even a steam iron has advantages. Which device is better, must be decided individually.

Ironing is not for everyone, but the ironing work has to be done. Practical steam ironing machines can facilitate ironing because they work with heavy water vapor, which often only requires ironing to make shirts, bedding, etc. really smooth.

Steam ironing stations are available with a water tank station and ironing board, with compact versions or larger ironing stations. Sounds comfortable? But it is not always!

A steam ironing station makes ironing easier

It is clear that both steam irons and steam ironing machines have advantages over an iron without steam. The water vapor leaving the soleplate makes ironing easier. The higher the pressure of the water vapor, the easier the work and more beautiful the ironing result.

A steam iron machine has a very high water vapor pressure and rarely needs refilling. The steam penetrates powerfully into the fibers of the laundry, which in this way smooth very easily. Especially with multi-layer textiles, this is pleasant, because it only needs ironing on one side and the other side automatically becomes smooth.

Because the water tank is externally connected to a water hose, the iron of the machine is easier to handle and lighter than a steam iron , The external water tank can hold much more water. Up to 1.8 liters fit in the tank, which means about six times longer ironing than with a steam iron. The tank does not require distilled water, but can be topped up with normal tap water, provided that the degree of hardness is not too high.

Ironing time savings with a steam ironing machine is around 50 percent.

Steam irons for quick and easy use uncomplicated ironing insert

However, it is not always the steam ironing machine that can score points. A steam iron also has certain advantages. Not only the price, which is significantly lower, speaks for a steam iron.

The steam iron is handy and quick to use and takes less space than an ironing station. The power consumption is much lower. Unlike a steam ironing machine, which takes about five minutes to build up pressure in the water tank, you can immediately iron it out with the steam iron.

Another benefit of the steam iron is the price, while a steam ironing station can be obtained from around $ 100 Steam iron for less than 50 euros.

It depends on the ironing quantity

Whether it is to be a steam iron or a steam iron, depends on the amount of ironing. A steam ironing station can be worthwhile even with a family of four who has a lot of ironing. The time savings and the ease of ironing is enormous.

For a two-person household or for singles and small apartments, certainly no steam ironing machine is necessary. The steam iron is less bulky and quick to use.

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