Spring Cleaning - Checklist for Bulk Cleaning

Spring Cleaning - Checklist for Bulk Cleaning

With a thoughtful preparation and systematic approach, the spring cleaning loses its terror. Good organization is important.

Spring cleanser

It takes a lot of time to clean up during large cleaning. Therefore, it is first necessary to control the stocks and replenish as needed. This checklist will help:

  • Are there enough vacuum cleaners in the house?
  • Do brooms or hand brushes need to be replaced?
  • Three cleaning cloths are required per room.
  • In addition, two sponges and two sponge cloths are important.
  • Are there any dampers or floor cloths for wet floor cleaning?
  • Is there a sufficient amount of detergent in the house?
  • What about an all-purpose cleaner?
  • Is there a supply of vinegar or citric acid to remove lime?
  • Obtain the oven cleaner.
  • A glass cleaner is required for mirrors, glass and windows.
  • Is the window washer (sponge with handle) and the puller (rubber lip) still in order?
  • Is there a sufficient supply of kitchen rolls?
  • Prepare a pack of disposable gloves.
  • Prepare a cleansing plan for cleaning

The most important thing is to make a plan in which order the rooms should be clean. It has proven itself, at least to suck the floor floor daily. This prevents dirt from being carried from one room to another. This order is favorable:

First, clean the kitchen, as the room is used intensively every day.

  • Two days (16 hours) are to be planned for a kitchen.
  • Second, the bathrooms are on.
  • Each bath can be easily cleaned in three hours.
  • The living room takes about a day to clean.
  • It takes a little longer in the bedroom, as it makes sense to empty the cupboards as well.
  • There are children's bedrooms
  • The hallway takes about two hours.
  • A final floor cleaning of all rooms can be done in three hours.
  • Systematic procedure for large-scale cleaning

Dirt falls from top to bottom. For this reason, the spring cleaning starts in each room under the ceiling and ends with the floor cleaning:

Dusting the ceiling and top of the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Pour buckets of cleaning water and a tablespoon of all-purpose cleaner, a second bucket of clear Provide water
  • Prewash with a cloth and cleaning water.
  • Wipe off with the second cloth and water.
  • Dry with the third cloth.
  • Remove and wash curtains.
  • Wipe frame before cleaning windows.
  • Wet the glass with detergent, spread it with a wiper and remove the liquid with a rubber lip.
  • Empty cabinets and shelves and wipe them out as described.
  • Replace objects without removing any useful items.
  • Clean the front of the cabinets
  • Vacuum the floor and clean it thoroughly, dampen hard floors.
  • Hang washed curtains and curtains up
  • Do not forget room-specific work

In every room After cleaning the cabinets, special work is required. These are:

Clean the oven.

  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Defrost the equipment, wipe it out with hot water and clean it.
  • Thoroughly clean the ceramic hob.
  • Remove the beds in bedrooms and children's rooms
  • Wash the duvet covers.
  • Ventilate the bedding
  • Remove the mattresses and wash or vacuum the covers.
  • Replace all the beds.
  • The sofa is to be cleaned in the living room.
  • Descale faucets and shower heads.
  • Concentrate and take care

Cleaning your home is not much fun. But the less you distract yourself, the faster it's done.

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