Solar system on the carport - own electricity for the e-car

Solar system on the carport - own electricity for the e-car

Solar systems for the carport are available as complete solutions. When buying the carport owner should pay attention to roof pitch, building codes and costs.

Solar system on a carport offers great impact at a lower cost

Many property and car owners opt for solar systems on the carport roof. There are several reasons for this: The cost-effectiveness of a solar carport, for example, is greater than that of a solar system on the roof. Electricity prices are not without, for the self-catering but they no longer matter. As he can additionally feed solar power into the grid and make it available to others, the plant owner also receives a feed-in tariff. The Renewable Energy Act promotes both solar power systems for pure self-supply, as well as those for power supply to the grid. With less installation effort and lower costs, solar cells on the carport are therefore just as effective as on the home.

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Having your own charging station saves on fuel costs, time and effort

For owners of electric cars, solar carports offer the most advantages: they park their vehicles safely under the construction and can produce it with their own charged electricity overnight. This makes life easier for them, especially outside metropolitan areas, as the quota of solar charging stations has so far been limited outside major cities. In addition, the battery needs something to refuel. While waiting at the charging station, it can take some time. With the own solar filling station on the carport this time is saved. Of the approximately 500 euros high cost savings per month is not even mentioned. Electricity that is not refueled and lands against reimbursement in the power grid, this cost advantage to the extreme.

But beware, because to load electric cars, land owners need a special form of photovoltaic system, which is equipped with a connector for vehicles.

Solar carport roofs usually pay off after less than a decade

Crucial points in planning your own solar filling station are roof pitch and orientation, these two parameters influence each other. Photovoltaic cells are preferably located opposite the house weather side, so that rain and wind do not penetrate unhindered.

For maximum economic efficiency, a southern orientation of the roof modules is recommended. The shadow of the house should also not fall on the carport, as the power production is affected by this. In southern orientations roof pitches between 15 and 55 degrees are conceivable. For south-east and south-west orientations, on the other hand, inclinations of 30 to 35 degrees are recommended.

In order for sufficient power to be produced, the carport should also have a certain area. A roof with an area under 36 square meters pays little in this respect. Starting at 36 square meters, about 5000 kWh (kilowatt hours) can be generated annually. Who feeds about 40 percent of this amount of electricity, receives a feed-in tariff of about 1000 euros.

Considering its own electricity and tank savings, the system pays for itself after less than a decade, at a plant price of about 6,000 euros. Under certain circumstances, electric cars cause over 500 euros in maintenance costs that can be saved through their own solar power supply. But beware, the connection costs of the solar system can vary greatly. Smart clients bring in light of offers from various providers a

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Retrofitting of photovoltaic modules is not always. possible

Unfortunately the retrofitting of photovoltaic modules on a carport is not always possible. Wooden structures are not suitable in most cases. Modern metal structures may be suitable in certain circumstances. However, it usually makes more sense to demolish the old carport and replace it with a new one with an already integrated solar system.

The client needs a building permit anyway for the project Photovoltaikcarport. The prerequisites he has to fulfill are decided by the local building authority of his municipality. Usually at least architectural plans must for a permit but always present.

Even providers like Solar World (partner of Toyota) and VEGA can assist in planning an appropriate regime. Both offer ready carports with solar systems and integrated petrol pump. Even smaller solar power columns for electric scooters fall into their range. Partly take over the providers in addition to assembly and connection and the building pre-orders. This makes the builders the professional planning and implementation uncommonly

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