Smoke out of the house

Smoke out of the house

Cigarette smoke is one of the most persistent odors and also one of the most unpleasant ones. It's hard to get rid of the smoke.

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  • When the truck gets annoying
  • Use nicotine scavengers with home remedies
  • Remove cigarette smoke from furniture
  • If all cleaning actions do not help
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When the vice gets annoying

Anyone who smokes in his apartment has to expect the blue haze to spread everywhere. It is not easy to remove smoke smell from the home. The smoke penetrates every crack and settles in furniture, curtains, walls and floors. Sometimes the stench lingers in the rooms for years and is difficult to combat. Responsible is the neurotoxin nicotine, which lays like a yellow veil over all things.

The first measure is a thorough airing to get rid of the smoke. For this purpose, the windows are best to open distributed throughout the apartment, so that a passage is created. Just to tip is not enough. However, a strong draft does not help with heavy smoking habits anymore. The clouds of smoke disappear through the open windows, but the smell remains. The resident can wash or ventilate clothes, curtains, curtains, and tablecloths to escape the stuffiness. But what about the rest of the apartment if the tenant quits smoking? As you know, non-smokers have a fine nose for nicotine, where the smoker does not smell anymore.

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Squeezing nicotine with home remedies

Although vinegar is not for everyone, the all-rounder is unbeatable when it comes to eliminating odors. Essigessenz must be mixed with a third of water and distributed in several bowls in the rooms. But be careful who has a cat, be prepared to urinate in protest. For the animals abhor strong scent of the vine. "If the smoker does not like making friends with vinegar, he can use vanilla sachets. Simply fill a few small bags with vanilla pods or vanilla sugar and place them in different corners of the smoky rooms. Also, coffee powder can be a real odor killer, with freshly ground beans working best. However, these funds as well as various room sprays, incense sticks and scented candles cover the odors only for a while.

In contrast, vinegar cleaners work well against smoke on windows and yellowed plastic frames. The use of special plastic cleaners may also be considered. If you regularly clean the frames once a week, you can avoid discoloration caused by cigarettes. However, the home remedies do not help the stench that sits in the furniture, sofa cushions and blankets.

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Remove cigarette smoke from furniture

Unfortunately cigarette smoke persists in upholstered furniture, in cupboards and carpets and settles only with difficulty eliminate. Often cushions lose the annoying smell through a mixture of lemon and water. But first, these are thoroughly sucked. Thereafter, rub the sofa and armchair with a soft brush or sponge and wash through all pillows and blankets.

Ideally, the cushion covers can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. If not, the bath will help. It is advisable to dry the pillow covers as quickly as possible and to repeat the treatment every four weeks. Even if the lemon water cure absorbs the smoke, the resident continues to smoke, soon the upholstered furniture will smell again.

The rest of the furniture in the apartment absorb the unpleasant smell. Rosenwasser is an adequate remedy for this. If all wooden furniture is carefully rubbed off, they quickly smell fresh again. Afterwards, the rugs get a refreshing effect with the shampooer. On the other hand, laminate or linoleum is harder to get clean, because smells are trapped under the floor.

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If all cleaning actions do not help

If it still smells like cigarette smoke after all the removal attempts, it's worth it Look at the walls. Especially on white wallpaper marked yellow spots. In these cases, a complete renovation can help. But first you have to tear down all the wallpaper, wash the bare walls and apply Sperrgrund.

There are now so-called anti-smoking paints in different nuances in every well-stocked DIY store. If these are applied to the new wallpaper, these paintings include even years of tobacco smells. However, not every landlord allows the synthetic resins, because they close the wall like an elephant skin. The walls then no longer breathe and mold can form.

Anyone who has to hand over the apartment odorless when moving out can look for other alternatives. The most effective way to finally expel cigarette odor is that of ozone treatment. Here, professionals lead pure ozone into the rooms and after two days, pure oxygen remains behind. However, this method costs about 200 euros for 100 square meters - but it is still worth it for a smoke-free home.

The best thing is not to smoke in your own home and prefer the balcony or the terrace. Still, it is not impossible to banish biting nicotine plaque out of the apartment.

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