Small kitchen very big

Small kitchen very big

Even mini-kitchens can be set up in a practical and comfortable way. There is no lack of modern building technology or storage space.

Space is in the smallest of kitchens

The most important thing is not to give a place in a mini-kitchen. Many manufacturers of kitchen furniture have recognized that conventional standard solutions are not enough. They offer kitchenettes with a smaller installation depth. Few housewives and householders love to bury kitchen utensils in the depths of cabinets, so it does not bother if the cabinet is less deep.

In combination with regular deep worktops, so small dining areas in the kitchen can be realized. An ideal solution is to set up the cabinets as an island or counter in the room, at the back of the cabinets, on which the plate is mounted, have chairs. Nobody needs to eat while standing. Thus, the worktop is also the dining area.

Space-saving is also a sliding door cabinet, because hinged doors require a large movement area in front of the cabinets. Of course, a conventional fitted kitchen does not have to go to the trash, because with a little skill, sliding doors on the cupboards can also be retrofitted.

Creating storage space in unusual locations

The classic is the corner seat, which, however, generally makes little use. In most kitchens in the chests under the seats a lot of stuff that nobody uses. Often the treasures are even forgotten, because it is much too cumbersome to rummage under the seats.

A clever solution are drawers that use the space under the base of the cabinets. Bakeware and baking trays disappear and are quick to hand when you need them.

Small electric appliances that are rarely used move up to shelves that use the space under the ceiling. Stools that can be folded out as ladder ensure good accessibility.

Mini-kitchen - deviates from the standard

Almost all large appliances are also available in smaller sizes. The classic is an oven with reduced height, which should actually create space for plate warmers. Due to the reduced installation dimension, there is definitely more storage space in the cabinets. Dishwashers and refrigerators have also been available in various widths for several years and can be accommodated in tight spaces in kitchens.

Little is known that there are refrigerators with special doors that can be conveniently installed in nooks and crannies. These models do not require a wall clearance to fully open the door.

A small, narrow sink is usually sufficient when a dishwasher is present. In order to be able to wash fruits and vegetables better, there are special fittings that have a pull-out spray.

Light makes rooms look bigger

The idea of ​​equipping a small room up to a ceiling with shelves awakens a lot in many people Feeling. They fear that the kitchen could be overwhelming. The danger with open shelves is certainly given, therefore uniform bright doors are to conceal the storage space.

Generally it is to be paid attention to a sufficient lighting. The ceiling light in the middle of the room is not enough. LED stripes that run around the ceiling on the ceiling provide enough light. Also, lights under the wall cabinets are important, otherwise the work surfaces are in the dark and visually creates the impression of dark caves.

Who cleverly sets up his kitchen, specifically selects space-saving furniture and appliances, will quickly realize that a small kitchen a large Advantage is. Cooking becomes easier as long paths are eliminated.

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