Skin Care for the Leather Sofa

Skin Care for the Leather Sofa

It looks good, feels pleasant and with proper care gets more and more beautiful over time - leather. Only each species demands a different treatment.

Lolling in luxury: Leather sofas are the epitome of exquisite cosiness. Hardly any other upholstered furniture is more individual and durable. Values ​​that are gaining importance again today. And with good treatment, the sofa remains beautiful for life long. But every type of leather needs its own skin care. Nubuck appreciates the brush. The popular aniline is much more sensitive than covered leather.

Light harms the noble natural product

The correct location of the furniture is already half the battle: Avoid direct sunlight and artificial light. Because it dries out the leather and brightens the color over time. For radiators, the leather couch should better keep a distance of 30 centimeters.

Even the Be-seater harms his sofa in the event of carelessness. Because zippers and sharp objects can be dangerous to the surface, as well as the claws and paws of four-legged roommates. So: Cats and dogs better to reserve their own cozy refuge.

Immediately remove stains on the leather sofa

Stains on the natural product leather mean: Immediately react! Always soak up liquid or grease with a few sheets of kitchen roll or blotting paper, but never rub. Solvent-based products such as turpentine, benzene, stain removers or shoe polish are taboo.

Before cleaning a leather furniture, cleaning is always a must. If the pores are free of dirt, the natural material can absorb the active ingredients. For cleaning, microfibre cloths must never be used. You can attack the surface. And instead of water from the tap, leather prefers distilled water. This avoids ugly limescale spots.

Proper care for smooth and rough leather

Aniline sofas (uncovered leather) should be wiped once a week with a damp cloth to remove excess skin fat and dust. Twice a year, it rates treatment with an aniline care product. Pigmented (covered) leather protects its color layer. Nevertheless, it should be regularly dusted and rubbed with a skin care product every half a year.

Suede leather like velor and nubuck demands once a week after the vacuum cleaner. The brush attachment cleans it up quickly. Carefully treat greasy areas with a rubber brush. Rauleder needs a care solution twice a year.

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