Showers in the garden - Refreshment in the open air

Showers in the garden - Refreshment in the open air

An outdoor shower in the garden offers many benefits in summer. It is not only a refreshment, but also a playground and a contribution to pool hygiene.

Advantages of garden showers

A simple shower device in the garden offers the opportunity to refresh oneself while gardening. For children, there is nothing better than romping under a shower. In addition to the refreshment and the fun factor, having a shower in the garden has even more advantages. It is more pleasant to have a shower outside after gardening than to carry the dirt indoors.

If a pool is available, no one should give up showering facilities in the garden. The water in the pool remains much cleaner when showered before splashing. If you only use the pool with a shower, it will do a lot to reduce the amount of chemicals used. So there is much that speaks for an open-air shower.

Simple and rustic showers in the garden

Since a garden hose is already present in most gardens, it is sufficient to mount a shower head with a stopcock on it and place it on a hook in the garden Mount head height. This type of shower is more like a stopgap. Racks with a base plate and a proper faucet mounted at handle height are much more practical.

Those who do not want water in the garden to be constantly pulled out of the faucet will choose a model where the water flows out of a tank. These explanations are useful when children play with the water. With the limited amount of water, the little ones can not cause flooding. In addition, the water consumption can be well controlled. As the tank heats up in the sun, the water will soon be warm.

Caution: If the tank lasts a long time in the sun, you can scald yourself. Overall, these garden showers are suitable for playing or to get rid of coarse dirt in an emergency.

Solar showers with thermostat for pure luxury

Modern solar showers are also based on a water tank that heats up in the sun and a garden hose for water supply , The water tank is located in a column, on which modern single-lever mixer and high-quality shower heads are mounted. The heated water in the columns is mixed with cold water from the hose to the preset temperature. These outdoor showers offer the usual comfort that modern showers in the bathroom offer.

If you do not use water and shampoo, this shower can be placed anywhere where the water drains well or drains to a drain. If the garden is to be showered properly, there must be a powerful drain in the shower. Water with soap scraps, which must also flow only a few meters to a floor drain, is unacceptable. It must be provided for a proper drainage.

Even good garden showers can not replace a shower in the house because of the lack of discharge of dirty water. Nevertheless, the purchase is worthwhile, because coarse dirt can be removed without soap. Before the bath in the pool, the use of shower gel, because of possible soap residue on the body, anyway not useful.

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