Shower partition without drilling - Leaderboard

Shower partition without drilling - Leaderboard

A bath or shower tray can be retrofitted with a shower partition. Installation without drilling is not always possible.

Possible Shower Shutdowns

The desire to take a shower without putting the bathroom under water is understandable. On the other hand, no one wants to drill his tiles in the bathroom. A shower partition for gluing or clamping is a good solution. Some of the walls are only suitable as a bathtub top. They are too unstable or too heavy to build a high shower screen for a shower tray.

Shower partition with clamp-on profiles

For decades, partitions made of aluminum profiles with Plexiglas panes have been on the market. These constructions have a low intrinsic stability. They are clamped between floor and wall and additionally glued with silicone. These walls are barely on the market today. They seem powerful. In addition, the clamp mounting is superfluous, as sticking is sufficient.

Circumferential profiles for gluing

The walls are also made of aluminum profiles. As a rule, a profile is glued to two different walls. Another profile is fixed with adhesive on the floor or on the edge of the tub, or shower tray. These profiles are connected at the top with another aluminum rail in which sliding doors run.

The system can be used as a bath top, as a shower cubicle with corner entry or straight access. Kits that DIY enthusiasts can assemble cost about 90 euros.

Two profiles are visually nicer

One shower wall with two profiles has one stuck to the wall and the other to the bottom or edge of the bathtub. These walls are lighter. The so-called Wannenfaltwand has folding hinges. For simple designs for just € 50, only a part can be moved, the rest is certain.

More comfortable models for a few hundred euros can be folded completely and placed on the wall. An installation without drilling is possible for every trained do-it-yourselfer. This type of construction is only possible as a bathtub top.

Real glass partitions without drilling

A real glass shower screen does not require a frame. It can be mounted with special holders. These are glued to the tiles, not screwed. Without drilling, glass doors can only be used with the bathtub tops, which are available from 80 euros in the trade.

At present there is no solution to mount large walls for real glass showers without drilling. A glass shower screen is the optimal solution for bathtubs. For shower trays, however, circumferential profiles and Plexiglas are required if drilling is not to be done.