Wastewater clogged - what to do?

Wastewater clogged - what to do?

Toilet, sink, shower or home appliances do not drain? Pipe blockages can be at fault. But what to do if the duct is clogged?

What to do if sanitary facilities do not drain

If the water in the toilet, sink, shower or bath does not drain, then mostly clogged house pipes are responsible. This problem can be solved by any homeowner himself if he / she takes care of some things.

  • Avoid flooding: Do not pull on clogged WC flushes several times.
  • Check for obvious obstruction with hair on sink, shower and tub.
  • At sinks or sinks, open pipe connections with pliers and clean pipe sections.
  • When opening pipes, place a bucket underneath.
  • Flush out the WC, washbasin, shower or bath with detergent and a bucket of hot water to remove any residue.
  • Pümpel on the drain, in the toilet at the pipe opening, attach.
  • Untwist an old coat hanger and push it back and forth in the drain pipe.
  • Using a pipe cleaning spiral, drive even deeper into the drain pipe.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner Pump out water and drain small obstructions.
  • Use chemical drain cleaners.

Domestic appliances do not drain - if house pipes are clogged

Sh Wieriger are self-solution attempts, if instead of toilet, tub, sink or shower, household appliances such as dishwasher or washing machine are affected. Again, a solution in-house but not impossible. What to do, explain the following points:

  • Disconnect affected device due to risk of short circuit and injury.
  • Disconnect the device from the water inlet due to the risk of flooding.
  • Open all connections that can be opened.
  • Examination
  • Thoroughly rinse the pump and strainer.
  • Clean the connection tubes with wire, spiral or wet vacuum.

Dissolve backflow from the drain - procedure

Whether domestic appliances or WC, bath, washbasin and Shower: If the procedure described does not help, there is a sewer problem. The most common is a backwater from the channel. It can not be resolved on its own.

  • Call the sewer cleaning system and have the sewer system analyzed using a channel camera.
  • Only contact local sewer cleaning companies, because they are familiar with the local sewer network.
  • Ask the local authority for a local emergency service for the sewer system.
  • For future protection, install lifting system for waste water or backflow trap.

The all-important question - sewer or house pipes?

If house pipes are clogged, the problem can usually be solved on your own. If the channel is clogged, professionals have to work. So do cause research.

Inspecting the sewer pipe: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in the price radar around the topic of sewer pipe.

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