Setting Up Old Houses - The 10 Best Tips

Setting Up Old Houses - The 10 Best Tips

Old houses should be set up with consideration and appreciation of their age. There are several factors involved in creating a harmonious image.

Consistent Style Decision - Break or Harmony?

When setting up an old house, there are two basic choices: Either the decor adapts to the age of the house through vintage look or it breaks with the old style. Who decides on the second option, should ensure the toughest possible break. The first option saves money on homemade vintage furniture. You should definitely apply a style throughout. Because mixed-style furnishings seem chaotic and inharmonious.

Minimalism in furniture - maintaining openness when setting up

The rooms of old houses usually offer more space than in new buildings. This place belongs to living in an old house but in addition: The rooms should not be taken by shelves and other pieces of furniture openness. On the other hand, the minimalism and expediency of the chosen furniture support the open concept in the old house.

Bringing rooms into the right light - suitable lighting concepts

To make sure that an old house does not look like a museum, light can be used. For this purpose, a warm lighting concept with a lot of shadow play, as it is produced by many individual lamps. However, the break between lamp models and general interior design style is taboo.

Old houses - emphasizing their idiosyncrasies

A harmoniously and thoughtfully chosen interior emphasizes the peculiarities and personal character of the old building. Here it is important to select the individual furnishings according to the room concept. An old building with high ceilings is equipped for example with high-driving plants and shelves of different heights. Carpet arrangements emphasize an old wood-burning stove.

Furniture Arrangement - Remember the signs of aging

Old houses harbor an increased risk of mold and the danger of disintegration. When setting up this aspect is considered: For example, furniture is not placed too close to walls. Endangered corners, such as kitchen or window-facing living room areas, are not blocked by a couch or corner seat.

Consideration, please! - Protecting floors and walls

To avoid damage to the house. Therefore, consideration should be given to age-related sensitivities when setting up. The floor coverings of an old house can be spared by felt stickers on chair and table legs.

Fight against museum character - personal touch of interior design ideas

The above-mentioned museum character is one of the biggest dangers in the furnishing of old houses in addition to mold and decay. A strong personal touch in the design prevents the unpleasant flair. For example, personal images create intimacy and life.

Not too hard - soft furniture for a feel-good atmosphere

So that old and minimalist furnished houses do not look too hard, the use of soft upholstered furniture is suitable. Cushion corners and couch surfaces give the often hard-working rooms the necessary living comfort. Fluffy carpets support the effect.

Avoid Biedermann - Loosening Strength with Furniture

Old style in houses quickly looks like Biedermann. Too strict and straightforward forms or a planned furniture arrangement support the Biedermann effect. To loosen up the rigor, the use of subtle playful shapes and pieces of furniture can serve. Kitsch and too many accessories should also be avoided.

Color design - less is more

The color scheme of old houses is often a challenge because wood is often used here. White and neutrally bright interior colors prevent this, but are sterile and boring. In any case, colors of the furniture should harmonize with the wood colors. It is not recommended to use many different colors.

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