Setting up the old building - step by step

Setting up the old building - step by step

Characteristic features distinguish an old building from a new building. This should be taken into account when setting up, so that the overall picture fits.

1. Old building - Old Exilegen

High rooms, masonry walls, long corridors, box windows and beamed ceilings, also stucco elements characterize an old building apartment. This construction method has not been used for years, but has a certain charm and is still popular. Exposing old things - that can bring astonishing results to the renovation and furnishing of old buildings.

2. Restoring the old floor

Neumodern floors such as laminate are less suitable for an old building, as is a subfloor with terracotta tiles. It can be a bit elaborate, but worthwhile to uncover the original floor. This can be a real parquet or plank floor, which is customized after sanding.

3. Ideas for color design

Large and tall rooms tolerate color. Those who prefer a warm style of living, but do not want to use classic orange tones, instead opt for gray-brown shades with a delicate purple touch. Because lavender and lilac combined with earth tones are the new colors of the Mediterranean style of living, which is ideal for apartment rentals.

4. Furnishing with wooden furniture

A mix of styles is always allowed when setting up. But when using wood furniture you should do without too many different types of wood. Here, either the color or the style should dominate. Woods within a color group harmonize with each other.

5. Matching upholstered furniture

The upholstered furniture can be a bit bigger in the spacious rooms of an old-style apartment. Residential landscapes are the right choice here. In the living room you can also set up a feel-good and reading corner, in which a comfortable lounger can be accommodated.

6. Lighting in old buildings

In old buildings, the effect of the room can be impressively influenced with the right luminaires. This succeeds, for example, with large imposing chandeliers, which illuminate the room in a noble and charming way. Large candlesticks for the floor and the tables always work in old-style apartments.

6. Carpets & Accessories

Warm carpets or natural skins should not be missing in an old building apartment. They support the feel-good character, create comfort and help to visually divide spaces.

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