Setting Up the Bathroom - the Most Convenient Ideas

Setting Up the Bathroom - the Most Convenient Ideas

The bathroom can be more than just a washing facility. With ideas for bathroom design you can set up a chic bathroom.

Style and order with towel rails

Towel racks are practical and stylish. These ensure that towels and larger bath towels can dry with as much air contact as possible. In addition, they look very chic when they are chosen to match the bathroom furnishings. A puristic but elegant solution are multi-tiered towel rails made of bamboo. These fit well with Asian-oriented bathroom design with appropriate wallpaper and decoration. Thanks to their simplicity, they also look good in modern or country-style bathrooms. For those who prefer a modern and cool look, use a chrome plated metal towel rail.

Ideas for paint separation in laundry

The bathroom should be thought of as a convenient laundry storage unit. A nice solution are laundry baskets made of bamboo or basket, which are lined with fabrics, mostly linen fabric. If you want to sort the laundry according to colors, you can use a multipart laundry basket. So the laundry can go straight into the washing machine without sorting.

Setting up with overflow racks

Where to go with towels, cosmetics and bath products? For storage furniture in the bathroom, there are many ideas. Optimum space utilization is given with overflow racks. These have high legs and are placed over the cistern. So even this space is used optimally.

Space-saving - washbasin vanity units in the bathroom

Among the best ideas when setting up a bathroom include sink vanity units. The otherwise unusable space under the sink offers space for cleaning agents, for example. Also towels can be arranged here. Particularly small space for small items, such as cosmetics, offers a washbasin cabinet with drawers.

Two in one - the mirror cabinet

Very practical, because space-saving, is the mirror cabinet. A 3D mirror cabinet has three mirror elements on the three doors of the wall unit. These models offer a room-enlarging optical effect. The practical thing about the mirror cabinet is that utensils such as make-up, razors, hairdressing utensils and the like are located directly behind the mirrored doors.

Extending magnifying mirror for a better look

Very important in the bathroom are mirrors for hairdressing, shaving and make-up. Above the sink, the mirror is mandatory. Very handy is a small pull-out mirror, which has a normal on one side and a magnifying mirror on the other. An extendable arm allows the mirror to be adjusted to suit every user.

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