Securely installing the roller shutter motor

Securely installing the roller shutter motor

A roller shutter motor makes it easier to open and lower the shutters. Especially with blinds of large windows, the automatic operation of the roller shutter belts is very welcome.

With the roller shutter drive the darkening of the rooms is quick and easy. The pulling up of the roller blind also takes place automatically and thus relieves you of a lot of work. For every type of window, small or large, there is the right roller shutter motor. Depending on the design, the individual models are operated via wall switch, radio remote control or timer. This offers you a lot of comfort and convenience. Also in terms of safety, a high quality roller shutter drive is a useful tool. It opens and closes the shutters even when you are not at home, making an uninhabited house appear inhabited. You can plan a roller shutter motor right from the start when building the house. Also, the subsequent installation is easily possible for skilled craftsmen. Your local specialist will gladly advise you on the various options and systems.

Selection and installation of roller shutter motor and Co.

An automatic roller shutter drive can be easily installed in both new and existing buildings. For this purpose, the roller shutter motor is simply mounted in the shaft of the roller shutter and connected to the mains - he already does the work for you. Since only trained electrical specialists are allowed to work on the power system, the installation should be carried out by experts. They also ensure that the roller shutter motor works properly at the end. Even when setting the remote control or timer, the professional will be happy to help. Complex systems can even be controlled via the Internet. Access to the required website or app for your smartphone is also provided by the experienced craftsman. It also explains exactly the individual functions of roller shutter motor and control system.

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