Sight protection walls for the balcony - five beautiful variants

Sight protection walls for the balcony - five beautiful variants

A balcony is a wonderful retreat to relax. Screen walls made of PVC or climbing plants create the necessary privacy.

Keeping the neighbor's eye and the wind, which is achieved by the correct privacy on the balcony. Balcony coverings made of natural materials or plastic offer protection here. The personal touch creates the favorite spot for the summer.

Balcony cladding - and the balcony is opaque

With weatherproof, textile balcony cladding, the privacy on the balcony is completely protected. In many colors, these are offered at the meter. Tie it to the balcony balustrade with a string and the balcony cover provides wind protection and keeps unwanted glances away. Over the winter you remove the screen again. It is easy to wash in the washing machine.

PVC screens

You can really relax in a deck chair when the space is protected. PVC privacy mats are made of tightly bound tubes. They are durable and fade-resistant. Unlike natural materials, they do not rot over the years. With cable ties, they are easy to attach to the balcony railing. Screen mats can be easily cleaned with soap and sponge.

Balcony compartments for side screens

Balcony compartments keep annoying glances away. The fan provides privacy on the right and left side of the balcony while keeping the wind out. The polyester cover is weather-resistant and can be bought in various colors. The installation is easy with four screws on the wall. Balcony fans are modern and practical. If you enjoy chatting with your neighbor, you simply fold the fan - and the view is free again.

Bamboo mats give a Caribbean feeling

Bamboo is a natural, lightweight, yet stable material. Bamboo mats are available in different sizes, in light or dark brown. Bamboo elements with wooden frames look classy and are also very suitable for the balcony. Both variants create Far Eastern flair on the balcony. This screen is easy to attach and it is reasonably priced.

Climbing Plants - Natural Screening for the Balcony

With a climbing aid, the Blue Mauritius is a beautiful and opaque climber on the balcony. The plant needs a lot of light, then it blooms from May to October. It grows very fast and thus offers privacy from the first warm sunrays. Climbing plants, such as Clematis or the black-eyed Susanne, are also suitable as privacy screens on the balcony.

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