Scots close: aluminum profiles protect against flooding

Scots close: aluminum profiles protect against flooding

Especially in areas where flooding is common, good flood protection is important. Aluminum dam beams are extremely effective and reliable.

The weather conditions and the steadily rising average temperatures are causing an increasingly extreme climate not only in Germany. What used to be rare, is almost a normal picture today: rivers overflow their banks, torrential rains that overflow the sewers and quickly flood entire neighborhoods.

Some areas are particularly vulnerable to be hit by flooding. Homeowners are advised to prepare well for floods and other natural disasters to protect their own home. Full-blown cellars and garages cause enormous water damage to the building.

Protecting the building effectively against floods

To protect a house from flooding, the lower-lying building openings such as front doors and garage doors and windows must be effectively secured. Sandbags are not the first resort of choice, as they are not reliable when it comes to holding the floods and only help in the short term.

Meanwhile, some manufacturers offer aluminum profiles to prevent floods that are stable, water-resistant and safe from the ingress of water. Lightweight and robust aluminum as a flood protection has many advantages.

An advantage of aluminum is that the material is unbreakable, corrosion resistant and very light.

Often the parts have to be transported from one place to another, then the lightness pays off.

Aluminum dam beams keep water masses down

The aluminum construction against flooding consists of dam beams with floor gasket, as well as further stackable dam beams, fastening profiles for the wall and clamping pieces, which prevent the beams from being driven up.

The assembly is prepared beforehand with fixing profiles or ground sleeves for dam beams and protective walls on the building. Then the homeowners can respond in a storm with lightning speed and reliably seal off the lower building openings against floods.

The aluminum profiles can be assembled and dismantled quickly and assembled by one person. There is no further assembly tool required. In addition, the profiles can be stored to save space. Another advantage of profiles against floods is that they are extremely durable. Pressed with a rubber gasket, they are highly watertight.

Extreme weather conditions will increase

Extreme weather conditions with severe weather, heavy rain and floods are likely to increase in the future. Who wants to protect his house, should take precautions against recurrent flooding.

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