Rooting the branch - this is how it works

Rooting the branch - this is how it works

The professional calls creeper propagation the rooting of a branch. There are a few points to keep in mind for the branches to form roots.

Propagation via cuttings works as follows: First, the gardener cuts off a suitable plant part from the mother plant. This is introduced into water or substrate, where it forms its first roots and grows into a separate plant. As light as this process sounds, so much instinct is required.

Cutting a branch - procedure and suitable time

Cuttings are won by a specialist from various plant parts. The propagation is common about the so-called head cuttings - they consist of the shoot tip, the stem and the leaves. When cutting the branch, the following points should be noted:

  • Cut healthy shoot with a length of about ten centimeters.
  • Do not squeeze rice and cut with a sharp tool.
  • Head plug should not be woody.
  • Possibly Completely remove existing flowers or buds.
  • Cut off most of the leaves; Leave only a few foliage - three to four leaves are sufficient.
  • Propagation over cuttings possible throughout the year; Spring as an optimal time.

Rooted in water

Rooting works in different ways: in the water or directly in the substrate. The advantage of rooting in a glass of water is that the gardener immediately sees the first roots.

  • Fill the glass with water.
  • Put the branch into the water with the interface.
  • Take care that there are no leaves in the water due to the risk of rot.
  • Cultivate the cuttings at 20 to 24 degrees Celsius.
  • Select a bright location.
  • Root formation after two to three weeks.
  • Do not wait too long to transform - Plant should not form a root ball.
  • Seedlings transplant into a suitable substrate.

Root formation in the substrate

Instead of water, rooting also succeeds in soil. The gardener should be aware of the following:

  • Use low nutrient substrate; too much fertilizer attacks the tender roots
  • Admixture of perlite or sand is recommended.
  • Put the shoot directly into the moist soil with the interface.
  • Gently press and moisten the cuttings.
  • Pot on a light and warm Set up site; Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Cover the cuttings and pots with a transparent plastic bag - promote growth and retain moisture.
  • Moisten the substrate regularly with water.
  • Remove pouches when new shoots emerge.
  • Strong young plants in matching Transfer substrate and planter.

Rooted branches - the conditions have to be right

If the conditions are correct, propagation via head cuttings works well. The rooting is equally successful in water and substrate.

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