Roof window roller blind - the perfect heat protection

Roof window roller blind - the perfect heat protection

When removing the roof roof skylights integrated into the slants are usually the simplest and most cost-effective solution for bringing light into the attic.

The sun shines mercilessly on the windows, which are perfectly aligned with the sky. Rooms under the roof are already very sensitive to heat anyway, but especially those with sloping skylights. A roof window roller blind can provide relief and protect against excessive heat. Roof windows also function as a light and glare protection.

Exterior or interior roller blinds for roof windows

Exterior mounted roof-window roller blinds are very sturdy and can darken a room completely. Furthermore, they protect against external noise, which can be felt under hail or rain under the roof as particularly disturbing. In winter, exterior skylights serve as blinds for thermal insulation and save on heating costs, since the heat remains in the room. In the summer they act as excellent thermal protection and help to keep the interior cool. As the skylights are attached directly to the frame, there is no effect on the tilting function of the skylight.

Roof window roller blinds are practical and decorative

An interior skylight roller blind is extremely easy to handle and easy to install on virtually any skylight , It is attached, as well as a roof window roller blind for the outside, directly to the frame, and moves with the opening with the Dachfester. Thus roof window roller blinds can serve as sun and glare protection also with tilted window. Roof window roller blinds for mounting inside are available in countless colors, patterns and fabrics. The denser and more solid the material used, the less light is allowed into the interior, the better the glare and heat protection.

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