Roof renovation: Save time and money with tin roof tiles

Roof renovation: Save time and money with tin roof tiles

Roof renovations are often postponed because time and costs seem too high. Metal roof tiles are quick to install and inexpensive.

The renovation of old roofs should not take too long. For example, if you have a roof that contains asbestos, you should take swift action as asbestos removal is likely to become even more expensive over the next few years. Disposal of asbestos is laborious and can only be carried out by certified roofing companies.

Asbestos Roofing Better Quickly Renovated

Until the 1990s, asbestos was often processed in roofs, whether in roof tiles, roof tiles or as insulating roofs. and insulating material. It is now known that asbestos poses a health hazard. In 2005 an asbestos ban was issued, but asbestos is still present on many old roofs. The renovation is well worth it, even if only a small risk assumes. Asbestos is only dangerous if fine fibers are released. But even the traditional weathering can release fibers. Regular maintenance is mandatory in any case.

The renovation is also financially worthwhile. An asbestos roof significantly reduces the value of the property.

Bituminous roofing is not durable

Roofs with bituminous roofing are mostly flat roofs, but even traditional roofs can be covered with bitumen. For example, bitumen membranes are suitable for the flat roof on the garage, but even residential buildings can be covered in this way. Bitumen coatings also make sense on the roof for sealing purposes.

The disadvantage of a bituminous roof is that old bituminous membranes must be removed after a period of time, they are not durable. Both UV light and normal weathering cause bituminous membranes to overgrow the roof over time.

Metal Roofing Tiles are Stable and Long Lasting

To avoid regular roof restoration measures, metal roof tiles are ideal for roofing. Roof tiles made of metal offer the advantages of a metal roof, they are easy to install and offer high stability and longevity.

Tin roof tiles last much longer than roof tiles made of clay or concrete. Aluminum does not rust, roof tiles made of steel can be galvanized, so they are also corrosion resistant. In addition, the surface is protected by a multi-layered surface finish. Moose and lichens find no place. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty of up to 50 years.

In addition, metal roof tiles are very light because they are made of aluminum or steel. On average, the roof tiles are half a millimeter thick. That's five kilos per square meter of roof. Concrete or clay weigh ten times.

Assembly is quick, saving time and money, so they are low in price. The prices depend on the type of roof tile, the brand and the surface coating.

Tin roof tiles are laid as modules. That reduces the price. Cheap tin roof tiles you get already from 20 euros per square meter, aluminum costs about 25 euros per square meter. Titanium zinc is often used, these bricks cost 40 to 50 euros per square meter, but they are particularly durable.

Tin roof tiles can be fixed directly on the roof truss, need no substructure and are very stable.

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