Roof Cleaning and Coating

Roof Cleaning and Coating

Fitting for the sunny season, Josef K. wanted to bring his house to new splendor.

So his roof needed a fresh coat of paint! A suitable roofer for this job was Josef K. at MyHammer. From two offers, he chose David Blazejewski, which was able to convince with 100 percent positive customer reviews. The roofer, who has 14 years of experience in the field, set to work immediately.

He first had to clean the 250 square meter roof area with high pressure and superheated steam before it could be treated with a base. After that he coated the roof still glossy black and it already looked like new. That the roofer promised not only hot air, but also achieved a great result with her, was also pleased Josef K .: "We are very satisfied with the execution and the result! Clean, fast work, recommendable operation. "

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