Replacing a piece of wallpaper - the best tips

Replacing a piece of wallpaper - the best tips

Quick is a small scratch in the wall.

Mending with the double cut

A scratch through a chair back or a hole - there are often reasons to mend small damages in the wallpaper. The double seam cut is particularly suitable for repairing cracks and holes in non-woven wallpaper.

  • Scratch the wallpaper around the damaged area with a spatula.
  • Lightly moisten the wallpaper in this area and peel off.
  • Holes or cracks with filler fill and smooth.
  • Place new piece of wallpaper with overlap on the cut out area and press on.
  • Cut through the new and old wallpaper with the double seam cut.
  • Remove the overlapping edge of the new piece of wallpaper.
  • Carefully the new one Lift up the piece and pull out the separated, undressed wallpaper underneath.
  • Apply the new perfect-fitting piece with glue to the desired shape and press in.
  • Apply only enough glue so that it does not protrude at the seams.

Is this the case? to a painted wall, should be adjusted when patching the hue on a sample of the wallpaper. The repaired area can then be painted with the same color.

Liquid woodchip wallpaper makes little damage disappear

Woodchip wallpaper can be easily repaired thanks to its structure. In addition to pasting it is also suitable for small damage liquid woodchip wallpaper.

  • Apply liquid woodchip wallpaper on the wall.
  • Hand over liquid wallpaper.
  • Allow the treated area to dry.
  • Paint over the repaired area.

For Overlapping damaged areas, it has been proven not to cut the new piece, but to tear by hand. This results in shallower transitions. After painting, they intervene almost invisibly into the wallpaper structure.

Replacing a piece of patterned fabric

Careful and precise work is particularly important for patterned wallpapers. Cutter knives are very good for clean cutting. Only if the new piece is accurately placed on the pattern of the old wallpaper, the repaired area is not visible in retrospect.

  • If possible place the cuts in the pattern.
  • Make sure that the cuts are carried out cleanly.
  • Carefully cut the replacement piece sufficiently
  • Place the sample exactly on the area to be repaired.
  • Fix the new piece of wallpaper with Kleister.

In order to be able to replace minor damage in patterned wallpaper later, It is important to store leftover pieces while wallpapering. If there are no more wallpaper leftovers, it's worth going to the shop. Often the same wallpaper can be reordered.

Careful work is important in mending

Regardless of what type of wallpaper it is, careful work is important to get a nice result.

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