Replacing Window Sills

Replacing Window Sills

Replacing a sill can be quite complicated. In general, the difference between outside and inside sills should be taken into account.

When to renew a sill

An outside sill, also called a sill, serves the important purpose of channeling rainwater away from the window while preventing the facade from sagging , If damage to the bench interferes with this function, replacement is required.

In most cases, the insulation of the facade is a reason for replacement. It is now thicker and therefore the sills must have more depth. A narrow window sill guides the water behind the insulation layer. This takes damage.

The inner window sill does not fulfill any structural functions. It serves as a footprint and the visual beautification of the room. Therefore, it must never be replaced, unless a different color or material is desired.

Exchange Exterior Window Sills with Care

Since external sills have an important function, it is at least advisable to consult a specialist. On the safe side is who can exchange these from a specialist. Even disassembly can be difficult. In old houses, the benches are often cemented. They can only be broken by force from the masonry of the soffit.

Modern solar sills are made of cast marble, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or plastic and can be easily installed with mounting foam. Prior to this, however, the masonry damaged during removal must be given a smooth, horizontal finish.

After installation, it is important to adjust the insulation. Especially benches made of metal that reach below the window can form thermal bridges. Because of the Dämmproblematik it is important to consult a specialist. In addition, ensure that there is a suitable seal so that water can not penetrate between the bench and the insulation material or the bench and window.

Interior sills do not always have to be exchanged.

A sturdy and undamaged interior window sill that does not just visually dislike can be easily installed dress up. In kitchens and bathrooms, it is also common practice to simply apply wall tiles to the area. As a rule, only an exchange takes place, even if the window is renewed.

The so-called window sills are rarely cemented in, but merely inserted in a slot in the soffit. They are usually flat on a bed of foam on. This can be cut with a saw to disassemble the bench.

In most cases, the parapet is lower than the frame. Today, it is common to screw plasterboard on the parapet to compensate for the height difference. A thick bed made of foam or putty makes less sense.

Effort and Costs

It's hard to say how complicated the work is. It depends on the material with which the existing windowsill is attached. The breaking of a solid concrete bench, which is cemented, sometimes takes hours, despite heavy equipment. If only foam is to be sawn, dismantling usually succeeds in 30 minutes. The effort for insertion is difficult to estimate. It depends on the destruction that has caused the expansion.

For these reasons, the homeowners usually exchange the sills only when the house is insulated or when new windows are installed anyway. In the context of this work, the additional effort is low.

Statements about the costs are also not generally possible. A sill of 150 centimeters wide costs about 80 to 100 euros made of real marble. From modern and robust composite materials, the same size costs about 25 to 40 euros.

Together with the labor costs, easily accumulate several hundred euros for this work. Since some of the work involved in insulating the façade or replacing the windows anyway, these building measures usually only by 100 to 200 euros per window more expensive.

Dressing is usually sufficient

> If not a major renovation is planned anyway , homeowners should have the benches clad professionally. In the outdoor area, metal benches can be easily mounted on existing solar banks.

For indoor use there are kits made of various materials. Both systems are also suitable if the existing bank is too narrow or defective. A specialist company carries out this work for about one hour per sill. The costs amount to 60 to 200 euros depending on the material used.

Exchange window sill: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in the price radar on the topic of replacing windowsills.

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