Replace old water heater and get premium

Replace old water heater and get premium

The replacement of the old water heater is worthwhile. Around 20 percent of energy can be saved, without a change in use is necessary.

Hot water is needed daily and who has an old water heater in the basement, can make meaningful saving measures, which are supported with a premium. Old devices often consume a lot of energy. The conversion to a new device, which is considerably more energy-efficient, pays off.

Use promotion and exchange old devices

In order to support the exchange of old devices, the Berlin Society for Energy Services (GED) has launched a nationwide campaign under the motto " Participate. Exchange. Warm water "launched. Since September 2017, until the end of June 2019, the funding program "STEP up! - Use electricity efficiency potentials "for the replacement of old instantaneous water heaters. The exchange premium of the company amounts to 100 euros.

The premise for collecting the premium is that replacement of the old burr takes place with an energy-efficient device with fully electronic power and water flow control. The conversion to a new device pays for itself after a very short time, so the opinion of energy experts.

Premium for replacing the old water heater get

In order to receive the promotion, the exchange must be carried out by a specialist. The possibility of monitoring and monitoring the energy consumption via app via smartphone, tablet or PC is also a prerequisite for promoting the GED. This promotes energy-conscious thinking and keeps an eye on consumption. This creates incentives to optimize the water consumption of hot water and thus do something good for the environment.

The application for the subsidy requires a registration on the side of the GED under The page contains an overview of the eligible devices. It should be noted that the application for funding must be submitted no later than four weeks after the device replacement. The application should include the contractor invoice, the disposal certificate for the old device and the payment slip for the new device in order to receive the premium of € 100.

New instantaneous water heaters are energy efficient and offer savings potential

hydraulic water heaters that consume a lot of energy. If an exchange takes place for a new device, it is possible to directly save about 20 percent of energy without consumers having to change their usage behavior.

A fully electronic instantaneous water heater also provides more comfort, since it can be set to a temperature to the nearest degree without Energy is lost.

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