Renovating a house - keeping an eye on costs

Renovating a house - keeping an eye on costs

The costs for the renovation of a property can be reduced by targeted measures. The house should first be made habitable.

If the purchase of a property, many interested parties resort to an old building for cost reasons. An old house is sometimes available for a bargain price. Refurbishment and modernization usually incur high costs. Both a good planning and a consistent implementation are indispensable to keep an eye on the necessary expenditures.

Always renovating a house from the outside to the inside

Before the refurbishment of an old building stands the inventory. All areas of the property must be inspected for damage. It is recommended to document required measures. Weak points are the masonry, the windows and the roof. Inside, it is the sanitary facilities, the electrical system and the heating. But first of all it is important to redevelop the outer shell.

The renovation of marbled outer walls is in the foreground. In particular, in an old building in which the outer walls are made of bricks, the repair of the joints is important. Otherwise, moisture gets into the masonry, which leads to mold growth. Also the windows, the doors and the roof should be renewed. How high the costs are depends on the extent of the work required. Roughly estimated, both the facade and the roof can be expected to cost around € 100 per square meter. In any case, it is worthwhile to ask for several offers before placing an order.

In order to save costs, it is worthwhile to insulate the façade and the roof. If some requirements are met, government subsidies can be applied for. For this reason alone, it makes sense to hire an independent expert. This can calculate exactly how high the investment requirement is and for which measures subsidies are available. In this way it is possible to calculate quite precisely how much money actually needs to be spent on the repair. In addition, such measures later reduce the energy consumption.

Calculate the costs for the modernization of building services

After the outer shell of the house has been repaired and insulated, the modernization of the building services is in progress. By insulating the outer shell, for example, less heat energy is needed. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the old heating system with a new heating with condensing technology. In addition, the use of renewable energy should also be considered. A modern heating system costs about 10,000 euros.

In an old building there is often an outdated electrical system. This is in many cases unsuitable for the operation of modern household appliances. Before the interior work is started, the modernization of the electrical system is required. The same is true for the plumbing and drainage pipes.

Calculate Exact Expenditure Exactly in Advance

It is important to calculate the expenditure for renovating and modernizing a building as accurately as possible in advance. This is especially important when borrowing is needed. If errors are made in the planning and calculation of costs, this can later lead to financial bottlenecks. Therefore, it always makes sense to hire a specialist to carry out the planning.

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