Renovating the guest bathroom - step by step

Renovating the guest bathroom - step by step

There is usually not much space available in a guest toilet. Therefore, the renovation wants to be well thought out. This also affects the costs.

1. Pre-Renovation Work

All old bulky or broken bathroom furniture will be removed before renovation, including sink and toilet. Dark wall and floor coverings also have to give way as they leave the room small and cramped. It is advisable to inform yourself about the costs incurred before the start of the renovation and possibly to calculate a cost estimate.

2. Renovate the wall and floor of the guest toilet.

Light wallpapers are used for the wall design. The floor can be designed with large beige tiles and small joints - this combination stretches the space. Even mosaic tiles can decorate individual wall areas.

3. The new washing area

The washing area can be equipped with a modern space-saving washing bowl made of metal, glass or ceramics. Underneath there is room for a base cabinet with a shallow depth. Above the washbasin, a large mirror makes itself good.

4. Towel rack and soap dispenser

In addition to the washbasin, one or two towel rails are used that either fit well with the tap or with the material of the washbasin. On the other side above the sink, a soap dispenser can be attached.

5. Replace the toilet

When renovating, the old guest toilet is replaced by a space-saving specimen, which is suspended from the wall. This makes the room look bigger and creates more leg room. It looks friendlier when the color matches the washbasin. Toilet bowls for guest toilets are usually a little shorter.

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6. Placing open shelves

If space permits, it is advisable to attach one or two open shelves or shelves to create additional storage space for guest towels. Single hooks on the wall are an alternative.

7. Planning the lighting

The light in the guest bathroom should not be too bright, but not too dark. In particularly small rooms, the mirror lighting is completely sufficient. In addition, halogen lights donate pleasant light. Lamps should illuminate the mirror area without any shadows.

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